7 Point Checklist for Buying a Great Sofa


What we just heard that you are making a plan to buy a new sofa lounge for your living room? You thought, and here we are ready to give you some amazing tips which can be helpful for you while you go out buying a sofa for your living room.

Rather we suggest that take this guide or tips as the checklist while you go for buying a sofa and it can be pretty helpful for you in selecting and buying the perfect one.

Before you take the car keys, grab your purse, you should have a clear idea about the style, the purpose and the available space for which you are going to buy the new sofa.

And yes how can you forget your budget while taking such a big decision? Stand at just a few steps away from the point where you just imagined your new sofa. Take a look and imagine which color and style would be best for here.

Think about the fabric, the color, and the texture. You must not forget that fabric is one of the most important things to consider while buying a sofa lounge as it decides the look and appearance of your sofa.  Take inspiration by browsing catalogs from online furniture stores.

For more information and guidance about fabric selection, you can Google so that you may have clear idea what to choose for sofa fabrication.


Check List for Buying Sofa

Let’s move further in the guide of sofa buying rather than wasting more of our time in selecting the fabric. Let’s be more focused on our actual mission which is “Buying a Sofa Lounge”.

Now what I’m going to tell is the actual checklist. You should have this checklist with you while you go for buying a sofa. And here it:

  • Check out the frame, its joints, and the level. It should be wobbling or creaky. All the four legs must sit on the floor evenly. If any of the legs is not sitting properly on the floor, rather there’s a gap between the leg and the floor then you should avoid buying this sofa because the frame is disturbed and it can weaken the joint of the frame.
  • See if all the corners of the frame are padded properly. The best way to check it is by running your hand over the corners along with the frame. It will ensure the safety of the fabric.
  • Most of the sofa back is hollow which is not good. Go behind the sofa and put your hand in the middle of the back and check if it is not hollow.
  • While checking the back, run your hand thoroughly on it. It shouldn’t have bumps or uneven hard surface. These bumps can give your sofa a weird and old look so avoid buying any sofa with such bumps on the back and sides.
  • Cushions must fit within the frame and should not be over unevenly stuffed. Check each cushion properly from every side. Most of the times torn sides are deliberately kept hidden from the buyer. Take out every cushion and check it properly. Cushions shouldn’t be too loose in the frame nor too tight.
  • Sit on the sofa on every cushion and check the comfortability level properly.
  • Check the arms of the sofa properly. It is the thing that becomes loose or wobbles if the frame is too old and when joints are loose.

Keep in view these things, and you will be able to buy the perfect sofa for your living room.

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