5 Investments That Aren’t Stocks [And Why You Should Consider Them]


Invest your money. It might sound complicated, but actually, it’s not.

Not only that but with most investments you are likely to make a little bit back rather than lose out –  with that said you should always seek advice from financially qualified people.


#1 Gold and Diamonds

Diamonds are a long lasting investment, each one is given an individual pricing from an expert. There are some rare ones, there are some that are purer, pink, blue, and as clear as a raindrop.

The key to making money on your diamond investment is making sure you have a certificate of authenticity. Gold is a different beast altogether.

The gold you buy will rise and fall in price with the dollar and will depend on what you have in weight and carat. You can buy smaller amounts of gold over a period of time and have it melted into bars or other items if you like.

Both of these are pretty substantial investments that last the test of time.


#2 Yourself. Crazy huh?

Well, think about it this way, by taking care of yourself, paying for some courses you are upping your ability to earn year on year.

So, in the long term, the most straightforward and more profitable investment might just be yourself.


#3 Houses and Land

Picking up some sweet cheap homes in auctions and spending some time fixing them up is pretty much a sure-fire way to make a profit.

Before you just bid on the most affordable building, be sure to check out the listings there could be some serious underlying problems.

As for land, it is a pure investment and doesn’t cost you anything beyond the initial cost of the area, don’t buy the land from ‘some bloke down the pub’ instead purchase it from a reputable source like hayfield estate.

#4 Collectables

Art, Coins, Stamps, Toys, Jewellery, and antiques – all worth a punt. Do this smartly, pay attention to what people are buying and the trends that are coming up.

What are you looking to invest in that aren’t stocks?

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