How to Start Your Own Handyman Business


If you are bored with your day job and like doing DIY around the house, it’s time for you to set out on a new mission: set up your own handyman business.

Handymen are perfect those small jobs that rack up around the house from fixing cupboard doors to building flat pack furniture. You would be surprised just how in demand they are.

Starting up a business as a handyman is much the same as any other business; you will need to have all the right equipment and skills, be able to market yourself, and figure out a way to quote so that you always make a profit (and enough to live on).

But, once you are set up and you have a good reputation in your neighborhood, those contracts are certain to come flooding in as your name is passed around.


Having the Right Tools

As a DIY enthusiast, you probably already have a lot of the things you will need. Hammers, spanners, a range of screws, a drill, a set of overalls to protect your clothing: all of these things are quite normal to have around the house. You may also need some specialist equipment and training too. The more skills you have, the more work you will be able to accept.

Welding is a surprising but useful skill to have as a handyman and you might consider doing some training to get up to scratch.

You will also need the right equipment including the right machine and safety equipment such as a helmet and gloves. When you shop for this stuff, make sure they’re the best for your needs, fit properly and do the job.


Market Your Business

Like any business, you will need to have an online social media presence so that people can find and recommend your services.

You can use this how you like, and may only ever need to post organically to get the response you want, but you should definitely post pictures of your work so that customers know what to expect. Twitter and Facebook are the most obvious platforms to choose, but there are plenty that could work for you.

As you are likely to be working locally, you might also consider printing posters and flyers. These are one of the cheapest ways to market your business and will make your name familiar around the neighborhood.


How to Quote Your Work

Of course, unless you make money from your endeavor, there’s really no point. This means that you need to think carefully about how you will quote for each job. You need to consider: what needs to be done, how much time it will take and how much the material will cost, as well as be aware of what other people are charging for similar work and be prepared to negotiate.

Setting up is the hard part of this kind of job, but once you are in the swing of things, there’ll be no looking back. You will be free, enjoying your work and making a decent income too.

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