Don’t Let Your Health Affect Your Wealth: Working From Home Could Be The Answer


Perhaps you’ve been struggling with health issues for years, and it’s finally reached the point where you can no longer do your job. Maybe it was unexpected, you got into an accident or were struck down by an illness. Not only is this a tough pill to swallow in itself, but it can also be a financial nightmare.

Your first step will probably be to check if you’re entitled to disability benefits. In some cases it’s a clear-cut decision, others it’s not. For example, SVT may qualify you for disability benefits– this is a heart condition that may only present mild or no symptoms in some people.

However, it’s a long-term disability that leaves you unable to work. But some extreme issues such as missing limbs, you might still be considered as fit to work depending on what you can do. Do your research and speak with a disability attorney if needed.

Regardless of your condition or illness, one way you can continue to make money even if you’re not well enough to go to a workplace or work every day is to earn money from home.

This gives you a flexible way to earn extra cash, and in some cases, it can be very lucrative. It means if you’re having a bad day or week you don’t have pressure to work, but on the days you are well enough you can earn money from your computer. Here are some ideas.



Many bloggers have been very successful, and each year people take the leap into full-time blogging and turn it into a career.

It can take time to get established and build it up, but if you already have a blog in place which you’ve been working on as a hobby then why not start looking into ways to monetize? You can earn money from sponsored posts, guest posts, banner ads and affiliate advertising amongst others.

You get creative freedom and can write about anything you want, you don’t need any special equipment and you can put in as many hours as you want.



Usually, you will need to do a short test when you sign up to a freelancing site, but providing you get accepted there are usually jobs available.

Unlike with blogging you don’t have to wait for sponsors to come to you, you can decide on the projects you want. Writing and design are both popular freelancing choices so it depends on the skills you have.

Admin type work is often available too amongst other things. Each piece you agree to will have a deadline, but it’s entirely up to you how many pieces you take on so you can control your workflow.


Home Business

If you have a skill or hobby that you enjoy, why not put to some use and make money from it? Jewellery making, candle making, sewing, design work- these are all these things could turn into a home-based business.

Again it’s something you could do during your ‘good’ days, and you could choose the times and days you wanted to work.

Are you considering the idea of working from home?  This has been an idea of mine personally but I’m still not sure if this is right for me.  What about you, are you thinking of working from home?


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