2 Actionable Ways Protect Yourself and Your Business Online


In the internet age, it’s easy to get carried with all the wonderful things that you do online and take your eye off of the ball in regards to safeguarding and protection.

It’s easy to shirk some of your responsibilities to both yourself, and to your business, in regards to keeping everything protected and stop it from falling into the wrong hands.


Protect Your Passwords

One such example are passwords. The internet has induced a need for speed in the modern day: with everything just a click or two away, everything is there to be seen, and be seen quickly.

Because of this, it’s easy to get carried with the ‘speed-fever’ whilst surfing the web and wanting absolutely everything to be quick — like when you’re asked to provide a new password.

Admit, do you just use the same one every time you’re asked to provide one?

There’s no shame in that, it’s easy to get caught up in the moment and just want to get to where you’re heading on the internet fast. However, there is something wrong with doing it.

The internet houses all information you provide, meaning all of your former passwords are there, somewhere.

If a highly intelligent hacker was to, say, get a hold of your Facebook password, would they have a hold of the password you use to access your highly important, and confidential, business information?

Because of this, you should always pick a new password every time you’re asked to provide a new one, and they should always be as complex as your memory will allow them to be. Make sure to check out some of the best password manager tools out there.


Watch Out for Malware

As well having different and strong passwords, you need to make sure you are making use of the protection against malware that is offered to you; an astonishing 50% of cyber attacks involve malware, so you definitely need protection against it.

One way to protect against melodious malware is by always upgrading your phone to its latest version.

Like with the password situation, it’s easy to shirk on this because of the time that is involved with doing it: if you have an iPhone, for instance, doing an update renders your phone unusable for a number of minutes whilst it installs whatever needs to be installed.

However, sacrificing just a few minutes of time without your phone and updating it right now will mean that you are then getting the best, and most up-to-date, protection against malware that can do things such as read your texts and emails, record your calls and even access your camera.

And you shouldn’t just let your phone have all the fun when it comes to getting the best protection — your other devices, such as your laptop, need safeguarding and protection producers to be in place also.

You should seek security from cyber attacks by using trustworthy and professional protection services who will provide you with expert security. If you don’t, then you’re making yourself liable to attacks. Why put yourself at risk like that?


Is Your Business at Risk?

It’s no wonder small businesses are struggle in the internet age when you consider all of the risks taken by using bad passwords or having little to none protection against viruses and malware.

Don’t let your business struggle online, and don’t let yourself struggle online, by making sure you’re always sufficiently protected.

What are you doing protect your passwords and prevent your business from getting hit by a malware attack?  I would love to hear your thoughts on this below.


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