Top 100 Most Common Used Passwords – Avoid Them Or Get Hacked

most common used passwordsIf you’ve been listening to the news lately you may have been hearing about all sorts of different websites getting hacked from Linked In, and eHarmoney to the latest round involving Yahoo. However one of the major reasons so many people were hacked was because of a human error of not creating a strong enough password.

The truth is passwords are the barrier of protection between us and someone steeling your identity and using it.  So in this article I have compromised a list of the 100 most commonly used passwords which are in no particular order.  However I’m sure I may have missed one here or their so feel free add them in the comments below.

100 Most Common Used Passwords

  1. 123456
  2. password
  3. 123456789
  4. welcome
  5. ninja
  6. abc123
  7. qwerty
  8. 12345678
  9. princess
  10. sunshine
  11. iloveyou
  12. welcome
  13. jesus
  14. babygirl
  15. 12345
  16. rockyou
  17. Nichole
  18. Daniel
  19. money
  20. monkey
  21. freedom
  22. 654321
  23. michael
  24. 1234567
  25. love
  26. master
  27. ginger
  28. 11111
  29. 1234
  30. dragon
  31. batman
  32. baseball
  33. buster
  34. starwars
  35. dallas
  36. summer
  37. access
  38. killer
  39. mustang
  40. 2000
  41. soccer
  42. ranger
  43. 696969
  44. tigger
  45. pass
  46. shadow
  47. Jennifer
  48. letmein
  49. Joshua
  50. merlin
  51. Robert
  52. hockey
  53. 666666
  54. orange
  55. jordan
  56. trustno1
  57. superman
  58. computer
  59. 123123
  60. thunder
  61. internet
  62. lifehack
  63. 0
  64. gizmodo
  65. whatever
  66. cheese
  67. nintendo
  68. f— You
  69. blahblah
  70. passwOrd
  71. gawker
  72. Password
  73. pokemon
  74. michelle
  75. pepper
  76. kotaku
  77. F#ck
  78. P#ssy
  79. 6969
  80. 1111
  81. a##hole
  82. golfer
  83. austin
  84. biteme
  85. cowboy
  86. silver
  87. F#cker
  88. bigdog
  89. bl#wjob
  90. yellow
  91. 131313
  92. hello
  93. please
  94. scooter
  95. dick
  96. iwantu
  97. sexy
  98. panties
  99. hammer
  100. yankees

What All Of These Passwords Have In Common

Now that you’ve had a chance to review the list of the most common passwords people will use let’s do a little analysis and see what they all have in common and hopefully we can identify some trends to avoid.

  • Names.  One trend I noticed immediately was how people were using just their first name or someone else’s first name as a password.  I’m not saying using someones name is bad but mix it up a bit and use a name along with a number and a symbol.  This will make it much harder for the hacker to crack.
  • Cuss Words.  Again, cuss words such as f–kyou are blatantly obvious keywords.
  • Numbers.  Another thing you might have noticed is how people will use simple combinations of numbers such as 123456789, or 696969, or 666666.  Using numbers is just a bad idea even though their are millions of combinations.
  • Short.  Of all the passwords I’ve listed the longest one is 9 characters and the shortest is only one.  The reality is if you want your password to be unbreakable and to do that  it needs to be long and in most cases your passwords should be at least 10 characters long.  The more characters you can add the harder it will be for a hacker to break.
  • Simple.  Finally the last thing I noticed is that all of these passwords they are way to simple.  Passwords such as welcome, freedom, money, and of course password are way to easy for scammers to pick.  Instead go with combinations that are familiar so you can remember it but are also complex.  In fact a recent comment left on my site by Sally suggest to use a base word such as stumbleforward but to change it slightly so it still has a complexity to it that hackers can’t break.  In my case I could change it to something like $stumb13tf0rward.

Final Thoughts…

This brings me to my final thought, if are using one of these popular and common passwords and haven’t been hacked yet consider yourself lucky.  This should be a red flag to you that you need to change your password if you happen to see it on this list.

However just because your password isn’t on this list doesn’t mean you can’t or won’t be hacked.  Take the time to create a strong password and change them often.  Later this week I’m going to dig in a bit further and cover the websites that you will be the most likely to get hacked on.

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Chris H.


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