Have You Ever Considered a Mobile Business

pexels-photo-106401The desire to run one’s own business is a very common aspiration.

Of course, the competition is always stiff, and the economy sometimes very unfavorable for those who hope to be their own boss.

If you’ve chosen to go that route, you need every competitive advantage you can get.

You need not only the skills to do a job well and to manage it effectively, you need to be willing to do it under circumstances that others may not accept.

One way to beat out a lot of competition is to be willing to travel for work. In the age of telecommuting, it’s easy to forget that sometimes we still have to pack up the tools of our trade and go elsewhere to ply a trade.

If you’ve got the entrepreneurial bug with a case of wanderlust, you could be well-positioned for a great business opportunity on the road.

If the idea of taking your home with you on the road for your job is an appealing one, an RV loan may be your first step toward a great decision.

Here’s why a mobile business can really benefit when you take your home with you.


Lodging Logistics

In your travels, you may visit the same place repeatedly and develop an affinity for a particular place of lodging there. It may be so pleasant that you actually look forward to your visits.

But you may also find yourself struggling to find a suitable hotel in your destination, either because you have no experience with the city or maybe because it’s a small town without good options.

The latter examples are great times to handle your travel in an RV. There’s no need to waste hours searching hotel booking sites or cruising the telephone attempting to get a good rate.

There’s no “destination disappointment” when you open your room and find it doesn’t live up to the ads. And you’ll never be worried about leaving valuables behind.

You might have to spend an hour searching for it, but it will leave in the RV when you leave in the RV.


Highway Relief & Productivity

When there’s a long stretch of travel between you and your next city, you may find your eyes glazing over as the broken yellow line skips endlessly into your view.

You may wish you could pull off and nap a minute. Or maybe you have just had a great idea, or remembered an important task with an impending deadline.

With an RV, you can handle these problems quickly and efficiently. A brief rest at a truck stop will make you safer as you return to the highway, and your moment of genius can be scribbled down, emailed to partners, or otherwise documented before it escapes your memory.

When you’re stuck in your car with no room to relax or work, it’s impossible to make the most of your rest time or work time. There’s nowhere to truly lie down, and you don’t have a decent desk or reliable power for work.

You’re just moving from point A to point B, with the hours in between lost to nothing but driving.


Tool Transport and Security

Don’t get the wrong idea. We aren’t just talking about hand tools and power tools. This could be files, computers, even medical equipment. It’s all the things that you need to do your work.

Many people in a traveling vocation keep a trailer to tow all these items from place to place. Those trailers are often very insecure in a hotel parking lot. With an RV, you’re parked–and sleeping–very close by, able to listen and watch for potential thieves.

You can also do maintenance work on durable items. The evening after a day’s work can be used to sharpen saws, service motors, or even to shred files.

By keeping everything close at hand, your tools and other operational needs will be in better condition and better security.

When businesses start out, they need an edge that sets them apart from the competition. When you’re willing to load up and take your show on the road, you’ll have that edge. Operating from an RV can make it even easier.


Final Thoughts…

I know this might sound like an odd idea in the end but it is a feasible one.  Not only do you gain all the benefits from above but you’ll also save a bunch of money in the end as well.

So is this an idea you’ve considered when it comes to business travel?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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