High Bills? Here Are Some Tips That Might Help In 2014

Young stressed woman.Now that we’ve entered 2014, it’s time to put a few New Year’s resolutions into action.

For many, saving money is a popular tenacity. From selling belongings you no longer want or need, to saving on expensive energy bills, there are a number of ways to cut cost in 2014.

Here are a few of our tips to get you started on your money saving exercises.

Why Switching Energy Providers Comes With A List of Benefits

If like many, you wish to save a little extra money this year on costly energy bills then one way to do this is by switching energy providers. Many steer clear of this because they feel it will take a great deal of time but sites such as Energy Helpline allow you to compare a number of UK suppliers and their rates in a matter of minutes.

This is a great way to see how much you will save in the long run, which for some, can be in the hundreds. You may also be able to benefit from a better service, a fixed tariff and a greener source of energy.

Invest In Draught Proofing Products

Unless you’re the proud owner of a new build property, you may find that certain household doors and windows promote draughts. Gaps around both areas can cause heat to escape which will often trigger you to turn the heating up a fraction or leave it on for that little longer.

From lining your skirting boards with a silicone sealant to fitting a draught excluder to your chimney, there are a number of inexpensive ways to make your home a draught-free property.

Such cracks and holes could be costing you an extra £115 per year and even something as simple as closing open doors can save on energy costs.

Turn It Off

Many people tend to leave their laptops, computers, TVs and games consoles plugged in constantly. Even when the device isn’t attached to the energy source, many will still forget to turn the power source off at the wall. This is especially the case for those who charge their phones up at the same charge point on a daily basis.

All it takes is a few minutes to switch an appliance off as opposed to leaving it on standby but by doing this you’ll save between £50 and £90 a year.

This extra money can be put towards the finer things in life instead of solely towards those costly energy bills!  If you would like to learn more on how I do this check out this article.

Water-Efficient Showers

Most homes boast showers that take their hot water directly from a water tank or the boiler. By fitting a water-efficient showerhead, you can reduce your hot water usage substantially.

Despite this, you’ll still experiencing a powerful water flow, yet you may also be saving yourself up to £75 a year on gas and up to £90 on water bills. Many water companies even offer free water-efficient showerheads, so before buying one it’s wise to get in touch with your existing provider and enquire about this.

What tips do you have to cut down on your high bills?

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