Forward Financial Group Scam: Why They Are Not A Scam

If you’ve read my previous article on the World Financial Group scam you would have learned how this company is really not a scam an can truly bring something great to people.  However this isn’t the only company that is perceived this way.  In in this article I’m going to cover another financial company that has been called a scam as well, it’s Forward Financial Group.

ffg_logoThe goal to Forward Financial Group is to help free up cash flow within peoples budgets and help them pay off all of their debt in 7 years or less including their mortgage.  This can seem like a pretty hefty goal but as an agent who previously worked in financial services let me tell you it can be done.  So how do they do it?

The first thing they do is put together a budget of your current finances to help you get a better picture of where your money is going and help identify problem areas.  Next they will look at ways to cut down debt.  For example, one option is to refinance their mortgage to a lower rate.  If you have a $150,000 loan at 6% and were able to drop it to 4% you would go from a payment of $900 a month to $716 a month freeing up $184 a month.

Another option is to consolidate your credit cards with the freed up equity in your home using a second mortgage.  The benefit of this is two fold because the interest rates will be a lot less going from something as high as 20% to something around 6% can make a big change in how much you pay in the end.  On top of that bundling it with your mortgage will give you the added benefit of getting a higher refund.

However it doesn’t stop their.  Forward Financial Group also will look at your tax situation to adjust your taxes to free up money up front rather than waiting till April.  They also do a free three year look back on your taxes to see if your CPA has missed any tax exemptions.

They also take a look at your life insurance as well, by reviewing your current insurance plans and help you make the change to cheaper less expensive plans.  On top of that also look at your auto, home, and health plan and work to cut these payments down to the cheapest thing possible by raising deductibles and shopping the market to help you find the least expensive plan possible.  These are just some of the things they do to cut down on spending.

The reality is after doing a full and total review their is no Forward Financial Group Scam.  How do I know this, because their emphasis  is on helping people solve their financial problems not showing you some get rich program.  If you are have financial issues debt and out of control spending check Forward Financial Group out and get started today.

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  1. Good assessment. In addition to what you mention in the review, the services are performed “on contingency”, meaning their is no charge unless the client saves money. So, it’s a no financial risk situation.

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