Instant Credit Repair Secrets: Credit Repair Scams Reveled


If you have reached this page looking for some quick fix to your credit or fast credit repair you will want to read this before you continue looking. Today they’re more people in debt than ever before.

More people are filing for bankruptcy and foreclosure than ever. People are looking for some way to get out of this mess. Unfortunately, it’s usually those that are the lowest on the totem pole that falls for these frauds and scams.


Credit Repair Scams Revealed

The point I am trying to make here is that most credit repair agencies are scams.  I know I’m being a bit blunt when I say this because it’s for your own good before you go blowing your money on some instant credit repair secrets scam.

With hundreds of thousands of people’s credit in the dumps, these days were all looking for some quick fix to boost our credit up.  The point I’m making is that the, “repair my credit now,” store down the street is nothing more than a scam.


One, because everything they say they can do you can do also.  Yup, you can fix your credit report yourself.  You don’t need some credit repair agency or some special credit repair software that fixes your credit, much less pay them money.

Two, they don’t have any special tricks up their sleeves to instantly fix your credit fast or give you the secret you’ve been looking for to make your credit go from 450 to 850 overnight.  It doesn’t work that way.

Finally, if you do have a bankruptcy, foreclosure or tax lien on your record, a credit repair agency is not going to have any power to wipe that black mark off of your credit report.  It’s impossible to do.  The only thing you can do is wait till they wipe the slate clean.  This could take anywhere from seven to ten years.


So How Do I Repair My Credit Now

In order for you to repair your credit, we need to address a few questions first.  Ask yourself this…

  • Why do you have bad credit? What got you into this situation in the first place? Was it massive amounts of credit card debt? Was it a job loss? Was it poor money management skills? What was it? Pinpoint the reason you have bad credit.
  • If you had better credit what would you do with it? Is your plan is to take on more debt or credit? The reason I ask these questions is that if your plan is repairing your credit just so you take on another loan you’re heading right back to where you started.


Because a credit repair agency or credit repair software is not going to solve the entire problem.  Nope, it may help you improve your report but it won’t better you in any way.  It won’t get rid of the debt problems you’re facing.


What You Should Focus On

Instead of focusing on a fast credit repair agency take a step back and look at a plan that solves the entire problem from saving to paying off debt to saving for retirement.

It’s called The Seven Baby Step Plan from Dave Ramsey.   The great thing about this plan is it walks you through a simple proven process that will help you not only get out of debt but put you in a position to stay debt free forever.

I could sit here and talk about all kinds of different ways to get out of debt and repair your credit but Dave Ramsey’s plan is by far the simplest to follow.


In Closing…

Credit repair don;t work because there’s no such thing as a quick fix to your credit.   The best way to fix your situation is by following the seven baby steps plan I mentioned above.


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  1. Yikes Chris – next time have someone proof read your article! This one is full of misspellings and grammatical errors. Kind of erodes the credibility of what you’re trying to say…

  2. Jack,
    Thanks for bringing the misspellings to my attention I will definatly go back and check it over. I was in a bit of rush when I got this out last night.

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