6 Dangerous Building Site Mistakes New Contractors Make

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Getting into the building business can be a lot of fun. However, contractors are prone to making mistakes.

Doing everything right the first time around is challenging.

Fortunately, this post is here to help. We take a look at some common building site mistakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Check out our list below.

1. Failing To Provide Sufficient Lavatories

Failing to provide sufficient toilets for workers is a big mistake. You need enough portaloos on-site to allow employees to empty their bowels quickly, without having to wait in line.

Generally, you need around one lavatory per 50 staff to be on the safe side. Any less than that and you could wind up with issues.

2. Failing To Schedule Regular Safety Training

Safety should be the number one priority on building sites. It’s easy for workers to get hurt and for you to get sued.

Therefore, schedule regular training. Make sure that everyone knows precisely how they should operate and the standards you expect.

Remember, workers won’t always operate in their best interest. Sometimes, they will take unnecessary risks. Training is a way of drumming proper behavior into them.

3. Failing To Manage Drainage Successfully

Many managers leave sites on a Friday evening, expecting everything to be hunky-dory on Monday morning when they return.

Unfortunately, that’s not always how things pan out. Issues with drainage can cause costly delays and prevent workers from working.

Therefore, using packaged pump systems is a good idea. These deal with situations where gravity isn’t your friend. They remove water, letting you complete construction projects in the dry.

Of course, sometimes extreme rain can occur, which not even the best pumping system can cope with. In these cases, you can end up with a flooded building site and pools of water in rooms not yet fully weatherproof. Luckily, you can use a construction heater, or byggvarme as some places say, to dry things out quickly. The faster things dry out, the sooner you can finish the build.

4. Failing To Adhere To Basic Safety Protocols

Failing to adhere to basic safety protocols is a significant reason why some building contractors go out of business. They don’t follow the proper rules.

Make sure your construction site abides by the following:

  • Fall prevention
  • Ladder safety
  • Scaffolding safety

If you don’t follow these rules, you can wind up in serious trouble. Regulators may find you or you could wind up with one of your crew dying.

Advanced contractors are now using wrist-worn monitoring systems. These devices keep tabs on workers’ vital signs, ensuring they are fit to continue with the job.

Photo by Scott Blake on Unsplash

5. Failing To Keep Crews Hydrated

Hydration is another significant consideration on building sites. Workers need a regular supply of water to be at their best.

Unfortunately, getting water to construction sites can be challenging. Therefore, you’ll want to bring bottled or make sure you have faucet access nearby.

Water breaks are important because of the amount that workers can sweat. Labor-intensive tasks are demanding on the body. Crews should drink small amounts often.

6. Using The Wrong Technology

The construction industry isn’t always the fastest to adopt new technology. But when it becomes available, you should use it. Failing to do so could damage your productivity and cause you to fall behind your competitors.

Software is where you’ll find the most advances. However, robotics and other heavy machinery are also helpful for getting more done in a shorter space of time.

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