Step By Step Guide For Creating An Estate Will

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If you have a property, your posterior generations must have the right to it. The rules of preserving property can be different based on the country and system of governance.

Do you have prosperity in Dubai? Then, you will have to take quick steps to secure it for your coming generation. Dubai has its distinctive rules on will creation.

For example, if you are a female ex-pat and you do not have a will, then, in that case, the state will apply the law of inheritance to you. Consequently, the distribution of the assets might not go in your favor.

So the best thing is to create a will. So consult an estate planning lawyer and take all the legal advice regarding will creation. The article discusses the step-by-step guide for creating an estate will.

Can You Make A Will In Dubai?

Creating a will is one of the most defining questions you need a concrete answer to. According to law no 15th of 2017, non-Muslims will have to register their wills.

For this, you will have to convert the will into English. Here you need the help of a Law firm that is well-experienced with the laws in Dubai. Non-Muslims need to fulfill at least one of the two requirements to register or make a will.

The individual must possess children below 21 years. Secondly, the will has to be prepared on the movable and the immovable assets. Finally, you will have to register at the Dubai International Financial Center Wills Service Centre or a different court in Dubai.

You will have to bear the entire cost of registering the will. In that case, you will have to be mindful of the other formalities. So please do hire a bonafide lawyer so that you can manage things hassle-free.

Why Is It Important To Write A Will?

Will is a legal document that ensures the lawful transfer of property to the following generation. It is done to ensure that the people who rightfully own the property can not be deprived.

Creation of will follows a great deal of paperwork and adherence to law and regulations. So it is better to hire a lawyer to deliver it for you.

Step by Step to Creating an Estate Will

Have you made up your mind to create a will? Then, you might have to follow certain steps in doing it. Let’s discuss and understand them here for the sake of clarity. Please remember the laws are applied to Non-Muslims because, for Muslims, the sharia law will act automatically.

1. Drafting

The first legal process that comes under discussion is drafting the will. Then, you will have to consult a legal expert. You also must ensure that the individual has registered with Dubai legal affairs.

Now you will need to take the step to draft the will, and for this, you have to appoint an executor. See that the executor of the will must be higher than twenty-one years or above.

2. Translation

The next thing in the process is to translate the draft into Arabic from the other language.

You will have to hire some bona fide authority who has experience in translating these complex papers. If you register your will with the DIFC, then you might get relief from the translation of the deed into Arabic.

3. Register the Will in Dubai

Finally, after the initial work, you will need to transfer the wills to Dubai. There are different authorities under which you can register your wills in Dubai, and they include the courts operating in Dubai, the Judicial departments in Abu Dhabi, and the Abu Dhabi Judicial Department.

You can select any one of the authorities to register, and you will work strictly under the laws. Of course, the laws and requirements of the mentioned authorities slightly differ from each other, but you will have to go word by word when it comes to registering the will.

Closing The Discussion

The UAE follows its own rules and regulations in the distribution of property. Certain laws govern the distribution of property in Dubai. If you have a property, you can pass it on to the next generation under the laws of the land.

But you are advised to hire a quality law firm to make things easy.

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