8 Destructive Habits That Slowly Kill Your Marriage

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No one thinks about the quality of their marital bond until issues arise – that’s a sad but true reality.

People tend to notice that their relationships go to waste when the red flags are there, but why should you wait for it?

In this post, we will share the most destructive habits that cause your marriage failure and leave both of you anxious and unhappy, and the ways to get rid of them.

1. Letting third persons come between you and your partner

One of the most disgusting habits that destroy marriage is letting your parents, siblings, friends, or other people interfere in your relationship with your husband or wife.

Even if you are very close to them, refrain from telling them every single detail about your marriage. Also, siding with your relatives over your spouse is not the best practice you can develop.

When you start a new relationship and things get serious, consider drawing lines between your couple and other people whatever close they might be.

This is to ensure comfort, stability, and peace in your relationship, and demonstrate to your wife or husband that they are the most important people to you.

2. Refraining from sex

The next unhealthy thing you can do is frequently avoid intimate relations with your spouse.

Doing this will definitely ruin your marriage especially if you were having much sex in the beginning: sudden absence of sex will cause doubts in your partner regarding your loyalty, bring them insecurity, and leave them neglected and miserable.

Therefore, take care of your sexual bond and make sure it only strengthens over time.

Ask your partner about their preferences, talk about things you like and dislike, and don’t be afraid of experiments in bed to improve your marital life. No one is looking for somebody else when everything is great inside the couple.

3. Developing addictions to anything

What destroys a marriage more than infidelity or lies is addiction.

Whatever type of it you may be prone to, having an unhealthy passion for something can turn your marriage into a disaster. If you are a social media lover, a drug user, or a known alcohol addict, it’s time to change your priorities before they get a hold of you.

How to understand that you have an addiction instead of a casual fascination with something? If you dedicate more time to that thing than to your partner, it means that your priorities shift to your passion.

For instance, starting your morning by scrolling through social media and finishing it the same way instead of communicating with your partner demonstrates that the latter is less important to you.

To get rid of this addiction, track your time online and once you are close to your daily limit, shut down the apps and go to movies with your wife or work out with your husband to create more common memories and emotions.

4. Taking it out on your partner

No matter how hard your day at work was, you should not get angry at your partner. They aren’t the ones to blame for your problems.

If your aggression targets your beloved one, you are ruining the bond of trust and support that you’ve been creating for years. As a result, marital life stops being stable and comfortable, and one of you may file for divorce California as a way to terminate toxic relationships.

To avoid turning your family life into a battlefield, leave the negative emotions behind before coming home. Regular workouts or walks after work can help you to distract from the bad thoughts or low mood caused by relations with colleagues or your boss.

5. Hiding your expenditures

Keeping your finances private when you agreed to have a shared budget is not the best idea.

It causes much irritation and offense once one of you two finds out that the money was spent without their notice.

On the contrary, keeping your expenditures and income open to your spouse makes them trust you more and accept your needs with greater enthusiasm.

6. Criticizing

If criticism and sarcasm are your love languages, things can get worse very fast. During the last two years of the pandemic, lockdowns, and restrictions, many couples feel tired and frustrated from constantly staying at home and trying to manage remote work, home-schooling of their kids, and housework without going mad.

If in such a situation, you cannot keep your irritation to yourself and notice all the flaws of your partner, your marriage can end quite soon.

Consider emphasizing your spouse’s positive sides more without concentrating on the things they fail to do, and you’ll be surprised how your relationship will improve.

7. Taking your partner for granted

Another habit out of the most popular things that destroy a marriage is taking your loved one’s actions for granted and noticing only the wrong things they do.

Do you remember your first months as a couple? Probably, you were fond of everything they do for you and didn’t pay much attention to their failures, so why not start doing it again?

Positive appraisal and approval from our spouses make us strive to impress them even more so use this trick to take your relationships to a higher level.

8. Cheating

The last thing that you should immediately stop doing if you practice it is cheating on your partner. Nothing poisons the relationship more than infidelity done by a person you trust and live with.

No matter the reason for cheating, be it the search for emotional acceptance or just physical lust, it will hurt your partner and make them think about divorce.

According to statistics, over one-third of divorces happen due to infidelity, so why would you test your partner’s feelings like that?

The ability to talk about your needs in marriage including your sex life can bring much more growth to your relationship than searching for another person to solve your problems.

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