5 Advantages Of IBC Totes For Businesses

Photo by Tiger Lily from Pexels

IBC totes or Intermediate Bulk Containers are ideal for the safe storage of large quantities of powder or liquid products.

They provide a seamless shipping experience and many companies rely on them due to their sturdiness and ability to transport hundreds of gallons in one tote.

Using a forklift, they are easy to stack and store once they arrive at their destinations.

Of course, with IBC totes, the possibilities for business applications are truly endless.

The article below will highlight some of the most common advantages of choosing this option for storage!

1. Versatility

Unlike other containers, IBC totes are highly versatile and due to their construction, they can handle many different materials and compounds.

From toxic chemicals to storing rainwater for an environmentally-friendly solution, they offer numerous benefits for any application.

Additionally, their versatility is also thanks to the many materials they are manufactured from such as durable plastic, stainless steel, and carbon steel.

Depending on the nature of your application, you can find a tote for virtually any substance!

2. Reusable

Unlike other storage options that are single-use, IBC totes are reusable once proper care is taken to completely wash out the previous substance. It is easy to recycle totes.

Using a pressure washer and carefully formulated detergent, the tote is ready for its next use!

As bulk containers are also available secondhand, it’s important to ask the company selling the totes what substances were previously-stored inside before committing to purchase.

If the totes were used to house any toxic compounds, it’s best to stay away from them and invest in new ones.

3. Affordability

IBC totes are actually one of the most affordable business investments you can make as a company.

Many totes are available for as little as $130! If you need dozens of these containers, make sure to get in touch with a wholesale supplier as you can probably get an even bigger discount.

4. Transportable

Not only are IBC totes easy to stack and store, but they are also easily transported from one area to the next. Their stackable nature allows your business to make the most of the square footage in your warehouse and form an organized stack of these totes.

Most importantly, these containers are reinforced by being stored in a metal cage, and that makes them ideal for virtually any application including storage in shipping containers, farms, and warehouses.

5. Durability

Bulk containers are genuinely not just affordable, but a long-lasting investment that you can get many years of use out of.

Their airtight nature allows them to survive the harshest of environments without any damage to the contents.

As a peace of mind, IBC totes are also FDA approved, and that makes them a reliable and sturdy form of storage for just about anything!

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