How To Run TikTok Contests And Giveaways To Build Your Brand?

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Are you planning to host contests and giveaways to gain new followers on TikTok? If yes, explore this article which provides the information to leverage your brand’s presence successfully.

TikTok’s active users are more than 800 million, and the research states that the number of users will tend to increase in the future.

As a well-established platform running a contest and giveaways will help you get more followers, fans, likes, shares, interactions, and conversions.

More people are crazy to participate in contests and giveaways, which supercharge your growth by collecting leads and boosting your organic growth.

Here adhere to some of the useful tricks to incredibly increase your organic reach and go viral on TikTok.

Trollishly Ways To Successfully Conduct TikTok Contests And Giveaways

First, let you know what contests and giveaways are,

Contests are skill games that the users need to participate in and take the desired action to win the game. In this, the winners are to be selected totally based on their performance. If the merit of the participants is higher, then there would be a higher chance to win the game.

Giveaways and contests are both different concepts, where giveaways are based on luck. It doesn’t need any skill. Without any investment just participating in the game, the winners will be selected, and the lucky winners will be announced.

I hope you understood the difference between contests and giveaways. To promote the contest and giveaways and make it more visible to the audience, look over the top paid sites and find how to buy likes on tiktok.

In this way, you can purchase the likes for TikTok without any effort, and the instant packages will grow your brand’s popularity.

1. Determine Your Target Audience

Instead of giving away just any reward, specifically, target a set of users who could become your future customers.

Remember that any contest or giveaway must be crafted to entice your desired target, not just someone. When you plan to choose the potential audience, make sure what they love and value. It will persuade users to participate in contest or giveaways.

So it’s better to make a thorough analysis and identify the audience and who are eager to interact with your business.

2. Set Your Goal

Do you want to nurture a relationship with your audience? Then, once you have decided to run a contest or giveaway, set the goals for your promotion. Your goal may include

  • Lead capture

  • Growing your followers

  • Building brand awareness

  • Increase conversions or sales

Whatever your goal, ensure that the contest or giveaway is best to get your store in front of the users. Moreover, purchase any of the packages from a reliable service provider like Trollishly.

It is essential to increase the engagement rate and achieve your goals.

3. Set The Official Rules And Guidelines

There are specific rules and guidelines when you are hosting the contests and guidelines. Be intentional with your goals and make sure that you never break the laws. Strictly follow the guidelines and conduct the contest or giveaway successfully that should be legally accepted.

4. Choose The Enticing Prize

Have you concluded who your audience is and set your goals? Then, it’s time to select the prize that entices your targeted audience. Know that if the prize is not worthwhile, the audience won’t take part in it.

For your healthy marketing plan, make sure to invest in valuable gifts that exclusively build up your brand’s value. For Instance, you can entice the customers by announcing the prizes, such as:

  • Exciting cash prices

  • Tickets to exclusive events

  • Expenses of customer’s vacation

5. Promote On Other Platforms

Once you have chosen to run a contest, selecting the best platform that performs better to promote your contest or giveaways is wise. It’s a great move to go with a platform such as Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, etc., to make the announcement. You can also promote it by.

  • Sending to the email list

  • Add the alert bar to your website

  • Include a landing page to encourage users to participate without any barriers

6. Announce The Winner

Even hosting a contest or giveaway is not enough to increase your followers. To interest the users and convert them to your leads, announce the winners by taking the necessary action.

It would make the audience participate in the next contest or giveaways when you are hosting.

More exciting, announce the winners and express the spirit of your brand’s value and draw the customer’s attention and make them stick with your service.

Sneak-Peek Audience By Hosting Contest Or Giveaway!

Who doesn’t love to get prizes? Hosting contests or giveaways on TikTok creates more curiosity among the users to participate in it. It’s a win-win tactic to increase followers and sales revenue tremendously.

However, when you run a contest or giveaway, be creative with your brand and make sure that it impacts the participants positively to purchase your brand.

Moreover, to be more successful on TikTok, utilize paid services like Trollishly. They strategically offer an array of packages that meets the brand’s need to stay competitive and successful on TikTok.

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