6 Tips to Stop Chafing from Happening

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Chafing of skin should not be ignored. There are several treatments that can treat chafing. Medical experts mention chafing legs should heal on their own after a few days’ rest.

An adage says, “Prevention is better than cure”. If you suffer from chafing during the summer season, you should prevent chafing from happening.

Preventing chafing is easy, and all it needs is frequent attention. You can prevent chafing by not participating in activities that cause chafing.

However, if you cannot avoid these activities, here are some tips to stop chafing from happening.

1. Wear Chafe Thigh Guards

The best way to prevent chafing legs is to wear chafe thigh guards. These thigh guards are similar to sports gear or compression gear and can stop chafing from happening.

The thigh guards are made of Nylon (82%) and Spandex (12%). These materials do not trap moisture and remain damp, which is one of the reasons for chafing.  Nylon and Spandex are hydrophobic, which means they are water-repellent. They dry very quickly which helps prevent chafing.

Chafe thigh guards are available in various sizes, and you can get a perfect fit for your thighs. To stop chafing, you need to wear thigh guards at the beginning of the activity or the start of the day.

Wear thigh guards before wearing underwear to ensure they fit perfectly on your thigh. They should cover the thigh skin completely, which will ensure the skin does not rub against each other and stops chafing.

2. Wear Moisture-Wicking Clothes

Cotton absorbs and retains moisture and keeps your skin damp for a long. Moisture is one of the causes of chafing.  Wear moisture-wicking clothes to avoid chafing.

These clothes are made of fast-drying material, and they keep the skin dry.  If you lead an active life or indulge in sports, you need to wear breathable clothes that allow sweat and moisture to evaporate away faster.

Men can wear biker shorts under their pants, while women can wear biker shorts under skirts. The biker shorts fit the thigh perfectly and prevent any skin rubbing.

3. Remove Wet Clothes

You should avoid keeping wet clothes on your body. For example, if you go swimming, get out of your swimsuit immediately after getting out of the water. Remove your swimsuit and wear dry clothes.

Try to get your body out of wet clothes in every situation like wading through a river, being stuck in a rainstorm, or your clothes have got wet due to excessive sweating.

4. Use Deodorant

Deodorants prevent sweating, and they can stop the chafing of the skin. They also have moisturizers that keep your skin hydrated and prevent excessive dryness.

If your thighs are susceptible to chafing in a specific activity, apply a thin layer of deodorant before indulging in the activity.

For example, if you experience thigh chafing after running, apply deodorant on the inner thigh before running.

5. Use Lubricant

Powders, oils, and lotion provide an additional protective layer on the skin and prevent direct contact between the skin of different areas like the inner thighs.

When you apply a lubricant-like lotion, the skin becomes soft and smooth.

6. Use Soft Bandages

As a preventative measure, you can wrap skin susceptible to chafing with soft bandages.

For example, if your inner thighs are more prone to chafing in running or walking, you can wrap a thin layer of soft bandage around your inner thighs to prevent rubbing of your inner thighs.

To sum up, medical experts mention that chafing can be prevented by following safety tips.

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