9 Essential Practices For Oral Health


Healthy teeth are a blessing and we don’t realize this until we face an actual problem. We take this for granted and don’t stress too much on oral hygiene. Our teeth serve us for the entirety of our lives.

Have you ever had a toothache? It’s the worst kind of pain, especially when it radiates to the head and throat. You didn’t think something that we don’t even think of, could be so important, did you?

Oral hygiene must definitely be a priority and a part of everyday routine. So let us remind you of the dental regime again.



#1 Brush twice every day

Brush in the morning as soon as you get up and at night before going to bed. Brushing in the morning gets rid of the plaque and germs that build up over the night when your body is catching up on its beauty sleep.

The night regime gets rid of the food particles and germs that have built up in the mouth after an entire day of food and beverages. The plaque that settles on the teeth erodes the enamel and causes dental cavities and caries.

Brushing twice a day can help you to take care of your teeth for a longer time.


#2 Floss

Floss daily. Doctors recommend that you floss at least once daily. But if you want to go one step further, you can floss every time you brush your teeth.

Contrary to popular belief, flossing removes not only the food particles and plaque that settles inside the folds of the teeth but also strengthens gums.

It reaches those corners of the mouth that elude the toothbrush and finish what the toothbrush couldn’t.


#3 Clean the tongue

Don’t forget to clean the tongue too. Plaque and germs build up on the tongue too. This causes bad breath and you definitely don’t want that.

When you clean the tongue, it also prevents the ingestion of harmful bacteria that collect on the surface of the tongue. You can either brush your tongue or invest in a good tongue cleaner.


#4 Use a fluoride toothpaste

Fluoride is an essential mineral that the body needs in trace quantities to sustain itself. Fluoride in the toothpaste fulfills the body’s needs as well as kills the harmful germs that multiply in the mouth.

It is also good for whitening the teeth and combat the problem of bad breath. Fluoride toothpaste is also the most effective in preventing tooth decay because it forms a protective layer over the teeth.


#5 Get dental insurance

Dental insurance is not included in the Medicaid cover. You have to apply for one separately. Since this is an additional cost most people avoid it. However, we recommend getting dental insurance because should the need arise for dental treatment it will be even more costly.

One sitting with the doctor or the Dentist in Massapequa would begin from $100. If you have a root canal, one sitting could cost as much as $1500.

Companies like Discover can help you find the best insurance for your needs and to learn about our dental insurance is a good idea because our agents get you the best deals.


#6 Treat flossing equal to brushing

If you didn’t know this already, flossing is as important as brushing. If you don’t include flossing in your daily oral hygiene regime, now is the time to start doing so.

Taking out time to floss properly is one of the daily habits you must inculcate to take care of your teeth for life.


#7 Drink more water

Drinking more water keeps the mouth hydrated and reduces the growth of germs and bacteria. Water washes out the stickiness of food and beverages. It prevents the build-up of plaque over teeth.


#8 Eat crunchy fruits and vegetables

Just like it is important to exercise your body, it is important to exercise your teeth and jaws too. Eat fruits and vegetables that are crunchy.

Make your teeth and jaws work-out a little. All of us have got into the habit of eating processed food which is easy to eat but too soft and easy for the teeth.


#9 Limit sugary foods

Sugar is perhaps the most damaging substance for teeth. It creates a layer of stickiness around the teeth which leads to the buildup of plaque.

Plaque erodes the teeth enamel and exposes the nerves and pulp. This causes teeth sensitivity which is very uncomfortable and painful. The enzymes in the mouth also break down sugar into acid which erodes the enamel. Limit your intake of coffee and tea too. These are acidic beverages and harmful for the teeth.

You don’t have to completely avoid certain foods, but it doesn’t hurt to be mindful.

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