Your Ultimate Checklist For Spring Cleanup

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Are you ready to dust off the cold season?

You can probably not wait to welcome spring into your home.

It’s the perfect time to get out with the old, do some junk removal, and take out your spring decoration.

With our ultimate checklist, you’ll be done in a jiffy.

Also, to streamline your spring cleanup, don’t forget to contact a junk removal service like this company.

Tackle junk removal one room after another

Even if you wished for it, you cannot do a spring cleanup of your entire home within one day. So it’s best to go about with a plan at hand. If you don’t, you are unlikely to be done until summer is already over. You’d keep cleaning a bit here, a bit there but not a room in its entirety.

Considering the fact that spring cleanups are always a lot of work, you should start with the room you spend the most time in.

It may sound counterproductive at first as most start with the room that takes the least of their time. But you’ll want to be able to relax and maybe even already welcome first visitors.

If you start in your living room, you can directly enjoy the freshly cleaned place after the first part.

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Living room checklist

You’re probably spending most of your time in the living room. So it’s perfect to start with your spring cleanup here.

  1. Take down your curtains and put them into the laundry. If you have blinds, dust them and pull them up.
  2. Clean your windows as long your curtains are still in the wash. You might be able to hang them once you’re done with the living room. Bring all blankets and throw pillows to the laundry, too.
  3. Dust any mirrors, frames, and decorative items.
  4. Take a bin bag and remove all obvious trash from any surfaces. It’ll be a lot easier to go ahead with the next step.
  5. Wipe all surfaces, as well as any electronics, with a wet cloth.
  6. Don’t forget to dust your furniture from the outside and the inside. Give cabinets and sideboards and media centers a quick wipe from the outside. Open cabinets and declutter them along with bookshelves. Take out all items you’ve got on your shelves. Would you still watch that DVD? Have you watched it within the last year? Do you still need all of your books or can you let go of some? Put any items that are still of use into a donation or sale box and everything else aside for junk removal. Then wipe your shelves and put back the items you intend to keep.
  7. Vacuum your upholstery, rags, or carpet, and give your carpet a deep clean with a homemade carpet cleaner.
  8. Check your bulbs and replace them (and wipe your lampshades, too!)
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Kitchen checklist

The second room you spend the most time in. Do it right after your living room.

  1. Remove curtains for a wash or clean your blinds and windows.
  2. Remove all clutter from your countertops.
  3. Clean your cabinets outside and inside. Once you get to the inside you can check for items you no longer use and put them aside to remove as well.
  4. Give your oven and your stove a deep clean.
  5. Clean your fridge inside and outside, dust its top and vacuum its coils on the back.
  6. Check your pantry for expired foods and put them in a box for junk removal. Give each shelf a wipe.
  7. Mop your kitchen floor.
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Bathroom checklist

You’ll probably be done with this one rather fast.

  1. Remove curtains and put them in the laundry to clean your window.
  2. Wash bathmats and shower curtains. If your shower curtains have seen the best of time, get rid of them.
  3. Clean your tub or shower as well as your sink and your toilet.
  4. Dust decorative items or swap them out with more seasonal decoration items.
  5. Check for old cosmetics and soap, add the really old stuff to the trash bag. You can’t use cosmetics forever either.
  6. Mop the floor and put out a new set of bathroom mats.

Bedroom checklist

It may appear as if you’ll be done with this one rather soon, but your closet may think otherwise.

  1. Remove curtains for the laundry and clean the windows. Maybe you’d like to attach a new set of curtains?
  2. Wash all bedding and throw pillows. Use a steam cleaner to clean your mattress. Flip your mattress, unless it’s a model that doesn’t require flipping.
  3. Vacuum upholstery if you have any in your bedroom.
  4. Clear all surfaces and wipe them.
  5. Declutter your nightstand and your chest of drawers. Get ready to let go of some old stuff as well as single socks or socks with holes.
  6. Take out all of your clothes from your closet. Wipe the inside and check if there are any clothes you haven’t worn last winter and consider donating them. Box up your winter clothes and take out your spring/summer clothes.
  7. Vacuum your floor and rags.
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Outdoor checklist

Yes, the time of spending time outdoors is finally upon you again! Time to make your outside area all nice and clean for endless summer nights.

  1. Check your outdoor furniture if it’s made it through the winter, or consider an upgrade. Ask a junk removal service to drop by and collect the old stuff.
  2. Declutter your outdoor area and your shed. A professional service might come in handy once again for old bbq sets, inflatable pools you don’t use anymore, or broken gardening tools.
  3. Clean your patio and set up your patio furniture ready to be used.

Garage checklist

It’s the perfect place to store a lot of things you don’t need any longer.

  1. Remove any unused items, old paint buckets, and duplicate tools.
  2. Consider donating toys and other clutter none in your household has touched in ages.
  3. Ask a junk removal service for a garage cleanout. They even clean up afterward!

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