How to Bet On Yourself When Considering a Career Change

Photo by Michał Parzuchowski on Unsplash

Everyone has their own career goals, but as the years go by, these goals shift. They change and morph into something you never considered beforehand.

Many professionals start a career to earn money and assume they have plenty of time to pursue their dream roles.

However, life has a habit of getting in the way, which means you never get to chase those dreams. If you feel you’re stagnating, maybe now is the time to bet on yourself. But how?


Think About What You Want to Do

You can’t think about changing careers if you don’t know what you want to do. Everyone has their passions that can give you an early idea of the type of job for you. It isn’t just about what you love, though.

Perhaps the office environment has become too overwhelming, or you’re expected to work ridiculous hours in a high-pressure job.

Knowing that you want to change this will prove hugely beneficial and help you identify careers and industries that offer something different.


Think About Your Existing Skills

Many professionals hold themselves back when thinking about a career change because they don’t believe they have the necessary skills to excel in a new role.

They don’t trust their experience and therefore feel it wouldn’t be worth betting on themselves. But, there are plenty of crucial skills that you can transfer to another role easily.

If you have experience with creativity or working alongside clients, online marketing jobs are an ideal choice, and the spectrum is so broad that you can find something for any preference.


Make Sure You Have Enough Cash

No one likes thinking about money, but it’s something you cannot ignore when you are planning to bet on yourself. Ideally, you have plenty of cash saved up throughout your career, but even this might not be enough, or you would prefer to keep this emergency fund for emergencies.

You can put some of your own capital into the business, and startup loans, crowdfunding, and investment from friends and family can also help. As money is always a tricky subject, you should only accept what you’re comfortable with to prevent problems later.


Don’t Hesitate to Spread the Word

If you’re starting a business, you want to get your name out there as soon as possible. This is where the marketing machine needs to kick into gear almost immediately.

Reach out to previous clients, make the most of social media and local marketing campaigning, and start to build interest or even a curious following. The first few months of your business may be challenging, but you can always give yourself the headstart you need by letting people know what you’re doing and generate leads and customers straight away.


Stick or Twist?

Of course, it’s tempting and comfortable to stick with your current career.

But, as comfortable as this could be, you miss out on professional fulfillment that can make you fall in love with your career once again. You may only get one chance to bet on yourself in your career, so why not go for it right now?

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