Is Hiring an Interior Designer Worth It?

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Designing your own home is an exciting feeling. You can pick and choose what materials and items to use, you get to choose what color your walls are; it basically allows you to express yourself.

This then leads many to believe that they don’t need to hire a professional interior decorator.

Despite the obvious benefits and freedom of doing everything on your own, there are significant benefits to hiring a professional.

Below are some reasons to support that claim.

They Are Trained Professionals

You would go to a doctor to assess your medical needs, you would go to a lawyer for legal aid; it only stands to hire a professional interior designer to help you plan your house.

You will be living inside that house, spending a considerable amount of time in it, and having professional input to make it the best experience is invaluable. An interior designer can professionally assess your current situation and then form a plan to address your needs.

They will look over your things, and determine how they can be improved, and what should be changed or repurposed.

Yet, perhaps the main difference between a house that’s designed by an interior designer and one that’s not is its “feel”. It’s simply more comfortable, more efficient, and more convenient to live in a space that’s designed with you and your needs in mind.

It Can Help You Save Money

While it might sound counterintuitive to hire someone (meaning to pay someone else) to save you money, that’s actually the case in the long run.

Interior designers can help you stay within budget, prevent otherwise costly mistakes, and even identify what you do and do not need. They would plan with you, informing you of potential expenses and labor costs.

This allows you to manage the budget better as you’re talking to a professional who can work with you instead of insisting on a price. An added bonus to all of this is that if you ever intend to re-sell your property, its resale value is increased as it boosts the buyer appeal of your home.

A Lot of Contacts

When designing your own home, this is one of the struggles you will face- you have an idea of what you want, but next to no idea where to get the necessary materials.

A seasoned interior designer would be able to procure relevant materials for your property; they can get engineered hardwood flooring supplies, bamboo panel dividers, or even modular loft beds.

Being that they’re professionals, they have the access to a wide variety of contacts- both product or material suppliers and service providers. For instance, they would have renovation and remodeling contacts so would be able to hire a firm like FSBD Interiors to make the required renovations to your home.

Being that they’re professionals, they have the access to a wide variety of contacts- both product or material suppliers and service providers.

These contacts offer considerably more affordable (or expensive!) business, but you can be guaranteed their quality as interior designers trust them enough to use them for projects.

You’ll Also Save Time and Energy

Anyone who’s designed their own home can tell you it’s not exactly the easiest nor the best experience. You have to plan how you’re going to design the house, and then gather all the necessary materials.

Then you have to arrange everything on your own, putting in the manual labor to repaint what needs repainting, moving heavy furniture, and many other tasks that require elbow grease.

All this time spent in designing, material gathering, and actual renovation can cut into your schedule; you might have to take time off work to accomplish everything. And it simply won’t be accomplished in a day.

Hiring an interior designer can offer respite when it comes to all the manual labor, as they would have the skills, equipment, and usually, the manpower (especially when they have teams of their own) to tackle your renovation.

Is it Worth it? An Astounding Yes

Simply put, it’s worth hiring an interior designer when you can. Be your property family-sized or a single-room studio apartment, an interior designer can help you make the most of what you have.

Especially in the latter- one might assume that a small studio apartment with only one room is easy to design, but soon you’ll find yourself running out of space. An interior designer specializing in smaller spaces will be able to maximize the space you have.

Of course, it’s also true when you have a larger property; it’s easy to let a large room fall into disrepair and bad design, and an interior designer prevents that.

Ultimately, the choice of whether you should hire an interior designer is up to you. The benefits of having professional input and actual design intelligence behind your home’s layout could not be understated.

The difference between a house you truly enjoy living in versus an inconvenient house you’re trying to make get by is a professional interior designer.

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