How to Empower your Business Team by Increasing Efficiency and Productivity

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Leading a team, whether you have 10 people or 100 can be challenging to say the least.

You will need to try and group different people together, with different temperaments. You may also have miscommunication, clashes, and even arguments. This is the last thing that you need as it will put a serious dent in your productivity and efficiency.

Luckily though, there are ways for you to make sure that your team is working like a well-oiled machine.


Give your Team Ownership

The best leaders know how important it is to take ownership. You need to let your team make their own decisions, but at the same time, you need to hold them accountable as well. When you do this, you give them a sense of responsibility for their work, and this will help them to see the world a little differently.

They will see first-hand how the decisions they make impact the company and others, and this will help them to become more efficient in what they do. It may be that you give a team member the responsibility of handling a task or that you allow them to lead a project of their own.

Either way, by doing this, you can also build self-esteem with your team, and this can help them more than you think.


Encourage Communication between Team Members

Communication really is one of the key factors when it comes to team productivity. If you do not have an effective amount of communication, then your business will most likely fail.

A lot of businesses do whatever they can to ensure effective communication, as it plays a huge role in helping a team to understand their roles. If you are not sure if your team is communicating as well as they could be, then you may need to send them on a team-building course.

You may also want to try and invest in software, such as VoIP. This will help your team to stay in touch wherever they are in the world, which is always a good thing.


Know who to Cut Loose

This may sound harsh, but if you know that someone on your team is not contributing or putting in the work, then you may need to cut them loose.

You don’t want people working for you if they are not passionate about what you do. If you are concerned about how much you’ll have to pay in unemployment benefits, check out


Know your Team

Every single member on your team will have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s your job to try and uncover them so that you can help to make them more productive overall.

If you know that someone in your team likes to think outside of the box, then try and give them the chance to pitch creative ideas in front of your clients.

This will help you to ensure that they are contributing to the workplace, and it will also help you to make them way more productive overall.

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