How Can You Train Your Growth Mindset?

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How high do you want to climb in your career? How much do you want to achieve in your business? It all depends on your mindset.

A growth mindset thrives on challenges. It focuses on improving one’s situation or position in both career and personal life. With a growth mindset, you never worry about failure but see it as a part of the learning curve.

It enables you to stretch your vision and achieve more in whatever you set out to do.

How can you train your growth mindset? You need a performance coach to unlock your potential. The coach works with you to change your behavior and mindset to instill a culture of high performance.

A good example is the ILS mindset growth program. ILS uses Professor Carol Dweck’s research on mindset to bring change to the personal and team level. Why do you need to develop a growth mindset at a personal and team level?


Boost Your Self-Confidence and Self-esteem

A belief in yourself is vital to taking on challenges and succeeding. Achieving new heights is only possible if you think you can do whatever you want to do.

High self-esteem gives you the wherewithal necessary for taking on tasks that seem undoable. Knowing your weaknesses allows you to work on them and become better.

High self-confidence radiates outwards and makes people around you believe in you. You become more convincing, which is a valuable asset in both business and personal relationships.

You also become a more effective team leader when people believe in you.


Build Better and Stronger Relationships

You need to build healthier relationships for a team to work more effectively.

A growth mindset encourages challenging each other to learn new things and become better. You do not fear criticism but take these criticisms as a challenge to improve your behavior and way of doing things.

As a team leader, you help your team members see their faults and work to rectify them. Your team becomes more cohesive, which is vital for success.


Continuous Learning

Continuous learning is key to higher innovation and creativity. The world is continuously figuring out ways to do things better, including new products and services. A growth mindset pushes you to keep learning new concepts that apply to your business and industry.

You don’t get discouraged when you don’t get new concepts quickly. You look at these difficulties as challenges that will make you better at what you do.

Getting exposure to new ways of doing things improves creativity and innovation in your tasks.


Go For Higher Risks and Rewards

Are you apprehensive about expanding your business or going for higher education?

You are also holding back from the rewards that come with these risks. Big risks bring big rewards but also potentially big losses. A growth mindset looks at failure as part of growth.

You will be confident to lead your team to go for bigger goals and bigger rewards. You make the rest of the team confident in going for bigger goals.


Be More Comfortable With Your Imperfections

Accepting your imperfections is the first step towards working on them and improving yourself.

A fixed mindset would tell you that you are not good enough because you failed a certain test or task. But ILS mindset growth recognizes imperfections as learning opportunities.

No one is perfect, and learning to accept your imperfections while working on them opens you to more opportunities. You avoid falling into a downward spiral of low self-esteem and low self-confidence.


Be Comfortable With New Methods

Experimenting with new ideas and concepts leads to more creativity and innovation. For growth to happen, accept progress and change. Fear of change and wanting to remain in your comfort zone leads to stagnation and diminishing your competitive edge.

Accepting change and innovation makes you dynamic both in personal life and the workplace. You must adopt new technologies that make you more efficient.

You must learn the skills to use these technologies to the biggest advantage. Your team must adopt management techniques to reflect changing demographics in the team and in the global workplace.


Develop Mental Resilience

Mental resilience is a crucial element in success because it gives you the will to keep working on a challenge until you achieve your goals. It enables you to get back up on your feet after failure. You keep your eyes on the goal and try different approaches to get to your goals.

You can also instill mental resilience in your team. It helps keep up a strong team spirit even when the team is in a weak position or success looks elusive. Your team develops the morale to work tirelessly and become more purpose-driven in pursuing your goals.

A growth mindset is essential for both individual and team success. Working with a performance mentor like ILS can change the way you do things at an individual level. It also translates into better chances for team success.

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