Student Hack 101: 5 PDF Tools You Probably Never Heard Before!

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The stress that the online class has been giving to us, students, is slowly becoming unbearable. Teachers and professors have been requiring tons of paper reports with respective deadlines from us.

As a result, we need to somehow upgrade our knowledge of how these file formats work and search for some tips that we can use to lessen up miscellaneous works. For this reason, in dealing with online classes and online submissions, we need to be extra wise in choosing the file formats to use when sharing files electronically.

Most of the time, we tend to use the Portable Document Format or PDF when submitting files to our teachers. It is because PDF has the most secured and compact quality that other file formats do not have. For example, when you use PDF, your teacher will see the same layout of your file without any discrepancy.

Thus, it is nicer if you know different tools that you can use for any of your PDF needs. If you are interested, just keep reading because we will list down five PDF tools that you can find online to level up your PDF submissions.


PDF to PDF/A tools

If you want to store your PDF file for a very long time, let us say for years, we highly suggest that you convert it to PDF/A using a PDF to PDFA converter tool online.

We all know that our technologies are continuously changing and chances are if you do not convert your PDF to PDF/A there will come a time wherein it will no longer be read the same way as it is today. Yes, PDF is secured and layout preserving format, but it is better to be safe than sorry afterward.


Word to PDF Converter Tool

Word formats do not preserve the same layout of your document every time. It will change from time to time and will cause you so many miscellaneous works.

So this might sound basic but in case that you are still not familiar with Word to PDF converters, we highly suggest that go to any of the online Word to PDF converter tools to convert your Word files to PDF.

It is because if you share your Word file electronically, it will easily become messy when opened on another type of device or operating system. It can also be edited unwantedly or accidentally.


PDF to Word Converter Tool

The counterpart of Word to PDF converters are the PDF to Word converters wherein from a PDF file, you may opt to convert it to a workable Word file in case that you want to make some edits to it. You can easily find PDF to Word converter tools on the internet.

Just make sure that the one you are using can produce high-quality conversions. Also, make sure that the one you are using is trusted and free of charge to avoid unwanted subscriptions and extensions.


Repair PDF tools

Even if Portable Document Format is a type of file format that is already secured, there will still be times that it will be damaged or corrupted especially if you uploaded it on the internet that is full of viruses and malware.

The good thing is, you can now easily retrieve the contents of your file without having to learn tedious technical skills.


eSign PDF tools

Some academic works require us to put our electronic signatures on them. Instead of sticking to the traditional way of signing wherein you will print the paper and sign it then scan it again, it is better if you use eSign PDF tools.

In this way, you can save some time and you can also help lessen paper and energy wastes.


In a Nutshell

As far as possible to slay this online learning setup, we want to do things in its easiest way possible. One of the ways that we can do so is to always choose a PDF file format when submitting tasks electronically. PDF has been the top-tier file formats for all the students and professionals today.

But aside from choosing this format, we still have to level up our knowledge so that we could avoid unwanted miscellaneous works. Thus, we need to familiarize ourselves with the different PDF tools that are readily available online. First is the PDF to PDF/A tools that you can use to make your file last longer and store it more securely.

The second and third are the Word to PDF or PDF to Word converter tools which are the basic tools you have to know. Fourth is the Repair PDF tools to retrieve corrupted PDF. And last but not least is the eSign tools for easy signature. By using these online tools, you can save yourself some time to chill, relax, and lessen the stress of the online learning setup.

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