Hobart Conference Venues: Reasons To Pick A Customized Venue

Contrary to what many might think, choosing the venue for your conference or event is as important as the event itself. If your company is trying to make a good impression, then choosing the right venue (read more) is probably your best bet.

According to experts, a lot of success roots from having the perfect venue set up, whether you’re aiming to have an academic conference, or propose a business deal to a bunch of business owners.

However, you’ll need several elements to make this success a reality. There’s the size of the venue, which needs to adequately house an estimated number of guests without crowding them too much. And with the pandemic going on, adequate elbow room is more of a necessity than a luxury.

Several things also need to be addressed, like the location, layout, and facilities.


Lack Of Facilities

One thing to remember about a venue is that event venues are specially made to cater to their purpose, while hotels often lack the facilities for a quality venue. Therefore, your company won’t always get its money’s worth all the time, as they can’t provide the best service nor facilities to make your event an overall success.

A thing to remember about other hotel function rooms built for general use is their nature. They’re often multi-purpose, which means companies build them with the thought of weddings, business meetings, conferences, and dinner parties that will be held inside.

For example, Wrest Point Hobart conference venues are purposefully built to accommodate training and other business-related events. This means they’re fully equipped for what’s to come, as long as it falls into its purpose.

Some functions include projectors mounted on the ceiling for a better visual experience, pin-up boards, and even grab rails that have flipcharts. Anything that can cater to learning and bring information is added into a purposefully-made conference room that no hotel rooms can be so versatile to cater to.

It might serve as a large gap in quality once you compare venues made for such events and a hotel function room. If you’re looking to elevate your quality experience, it’s much better to consider the latter type of venue.


Several Distractions

If you’re planning an educational conference or training for your employees, and unequipped hotel might be a negative option for you to take.

Since people coming and going is inevitable, and rarely do they build sound-proof walls, it’s almost impossible to foster a great learning environment for the guests or trainees. It’s your job as the head of the event to make sure no distractions can take away their attention.

Another thing to consider is the budget you’re putting away for this event. If the training or conference ends up being less education and more of an empty-calorie lecture they’re forced to sit through, then success has eluded the purpose of your event.

To add, it means you lost a significant amount of money by trying to cut back on the venue itself. You might find getting a cheaper venue in hotel function rooms counterintuitive in the long run.

Conference rooms that are built solely to cater for training and educational conferences are situated in quiet places, with little to no people or noise coming and going. This is because, despite their more expensive fee, they’re aware of the purpose of their venue and make sure they achieve optimal use for it.


Lack Of State-Of-The-Art Equipment

In this day and age of modern technology, it’s important to utilize updated equipment to level up the learning experience. Indeed, some older generations might not be partial to this change, but there will be more Gen Z sitting and working for your company in the coming years.

They’re known to be more tech-savvy than Millennials (link: https://edtechmagazine.com/higher/article/2018/10/meeting-educational-demands-generation-z) and need extra catering in education. They’re also known for short attention spans.

Unfortunately, this can only be offered to by conference venues made especially for its purpose, and rarely in general hotel function rooms made for informal events (such as weddings, etc.). Most likely, due to its focus on being versatile than being high-quality, up-to-date equipment is often overlooked.


Fewer Breaks In Between

What’s more important than the event itself? It’s the breaks you give to your guests, whether it’s a simple group activity to discuss learnings or a small snack break. Giving them breathing space will not only foster long-term learning but also avoid information overload.

Oftentimes, breaks should be done separately to the venue to refresh the mind, like a garden to walk through or a separate room to eat or drink coffee.

With a hotel venue, it’s not feasible to book another separate break room, as it will mean you’ll be booking another function room. That option simply isn’t realistic and will cost more than you could afford. Loitering outside of the hotel room will make the guests feel awkward and out of place, and some will opt to find a restaurant outside of the hotel to eat. This will increase their chances of returning late to your event.

The purpose-built conference rooms cater to this problem by having adjacent rooms from the main room. These rooms can be used as breakout rooms, having an array of snacks and coffee for the guests. Some even open their outdoor gardens for the guests to catch some fresh air before going back inside.


One Size Fits All Venues

Your venue should be taken into consideration based on what type of event you’re going to have. Despite that, there isn’t an educational, training, or learning experience fit for a general hotel function room. This one is suited for more informal parties, dinners, and social events than catering to a learning environment.

Some generally used hotel conference rooms will have standard snacks and coffee, while a hotel venue made especially for your event can even offer dinner, inside a separate room, after the event has ended. Some can cater longer conferences that last a few days to a week by providing sleeping quarters. This can be ideal for training your employees.

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