5 Quick Tips to Keep Your Company Tools Safe From Thieves

Business tools can be worth a lot of money – which can make them a common target for thieves who may be looking to sell them on.

Without your tools, you may be unable to carry out your work. It may cost too much money to replace your tools, which could then force you to close down your business.

To avoid this, it’s essential that you look after your tools. Below are just a few ways to protect your tools from thieves.


1. Lock your tools away

Never leave your tools lying around on a construction site or in an unlocked vehicle. This is a sure way to get your tools stolen – always lock them away when not in use.

Commercial sheds are a common option for storing tools. This could be padlocked shut. Alternatively, you could keep your tools in a room or a cupboard that is locked securely shut.

If you store your tools in a vehicle, make sure that the vehicle is securely locked shut or kept parked in a garage.


2. Monitor your tools with a camera

If lots of employees are likely to be accessing your tools, it could be worth installing security cameras to monitor your tools.

This could allow you to see who exactly is accessing your tools so that you can catch anyone who may attempt to take equipment without permission. If anything, it will likely serve as a deterrent against thieves.

A camera could be placed in front of a tool shed entrance or in front of a tool cupboard. If you store tools in your van, you could choose to park your vehicle in sight of a camera.


3. Consider other security features

There are other security features that you can use to ward off thieves.

This could include adding motion-sensing lighting to stop people trying to break into a tool shed at night undetected or installing a burglar alarm on the door to a tool room.

You may even be able to upgrade the alarm of your vehicle or put a steering lock on the wheel. These are all great deterrent options against thieves.


4. Mark your tools

Putting personalized marks on tools can also help to put off thieves. It will be much harder for a burglar to sell on a wrench with a name etched onto it or a laptop with a permanent marker name on it.

Even painting handles can make your tools less desirable. You won’t be able to do this with hired equipment of course, but it could be a good solution when protecting tools you own.


5. Take out tool insurance

It’s possible to ensure your tools against theft. This means that if a burglar does take them, you can be reimbursed with money to replace them.

In industries such as construction, maintenance, medicine, and agriculture, tools can often be very valuable and are worth insuring.

By taking many of the above measures such as marking tools and locking them away, you can often reduce your tool insurance rates.

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