How To Become Debt Free At A Young Age

Everyone’s wish is to become debt-free, especially at a young age.

However, more young adults have succumbed to loans, only to regret it when they get older.

Many loans are helpful in times of emergencies and other financial shortcomings.

They can help you get through, but they may also break your bank in the long run.

That’s why here are some tips to become debt-free starting at a young age:


Learn Financial Literacy

Usually, people don’t have enough financial literacy. That’s why many end up accumulating more loans than assets.

When you say financial literacy, it’s the knowledge about debt management, credit, and other financial aspects used to make wiser financial decisions. This knowledge includes understanding how to avoid debt, using a credit card, and making checking accounts work.

By being financially literate, you can make the right decisions to manage and grow your finances properly. There are many financial literacy books you can buy online or at bookstores. If you want to interact with mentors, you can subscribe to bloggers who give financial freedom tips.

These mentors offer free financial advice on how you can have financial freedom. You can learn a lot. More importantly, though, understand and practice what you learn.


Pay Off Debt

When you have debts such as student loans, emergency loans, or any other type of loan, you need to pay them off. Having many debts may overwhelm you, which can result in being unable to pay them. If you want to pay your debts faster, you may want to use the snowball method.

This method involves paying from the smallest debt balances to higher ones. Your focus is to start large payments on your smallest debts.

When doing this method, you should pay above the minimum monthly payment of the smallest debt. You should still pay the other debts with the minimum monthly payments.

After paying the debt with the smallest balance, you can move on to paying the next smallest. When you have extra cash after offsetting your smallest loan, you can use the previous budget as an additional payment to the remaining loans.

By doing so, you can quickly pay off your debts below the contract terms.


Live Below Your Means

One way to pay off your debt or stay debt-free is to live below your means. Spending less than your income can help you achieve your financial goals quickly. On the other hand, spending more than what your pay can afford will leave you no choice except to take out loans.

Instead of buying or spending on your wants, stick to your needs. If you want to have a vacation or buy a new gadget, then save for it. Don’t immediately swipe your card to get what you want. Learn to delay your gratification until you have saved upon them.

By doing so, you can save while avoiding a loan.


Do Side Hustles

If you don’t like to live below your means, then doing side hustles to grow your income is a way to stay debt-free while spending on whatever you like.

Side hustles can also help you save on your retirement fund or pay off your debt. Because the goal of side hustles is to grow your income, you can have extra cash.

There are many sides hustles doable even in the comforts of your home. For instance, you can write eBooks or lessons and sell them online. You can even find part-time jobs writing blogs or articles online.

If you’re comfortable speaking, you may want to try vlogging informational content. You can even start your consulting website.

As mentioned, there are many things you can do to earn extra cash. What’s important is to avoid easy-money schemes that may scam you of your hard-earned money.



Being debt-free at a young age is not impossible if you have the will. Add in enough knowledge, and you can manage your finances well. It can also help you easily pay your debts instead of paying them in years.

Also, living below your means will help you stay off debt and save extra cash. If you want to grow your income, side hustles are perfect too.

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