Modern Day Retail Space: 5 Advantages of Gondola Shelving

Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels

There are many shelving options on the market today for retailers.

Even with all of these options, many retailers stick with the classic gondola shelves.

Why is this type of shelving super popular with retails? Read below to find out.


Gondola Shelves are Budget Friendly

Those that go into retail do so to make money. This is why many people stick with this classic shelving style, as it is budget-friendly.

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Saving on shelving is smart because it means the store has more money left in the budget for other things. Many retailers even choose to buy gently used shelving instead of new shelves.

The reason they do this is that shelving can last forever, and many times the used versions look brand new.

No one can tell that the store has cut costs on the shelving, as the shelves still look great and do their job.


Gondola Shelves Saves Space

Some shelving units can be monsters in terms of the space they take up.

This type of shelving saves floor space, which is great for smaller stores. Stores that have lots of items to sell may benefit from gondola shelving, as more of these shelves can be fit into the store.


Gondola Shelving Is Easy to Assemble

Sometimes, shelving units can be complicated to assemble and install. This type of unit is known for its simplicity, which is why many store owners flock to it. Installation is both easy and fast, which is great for those needing their shelving units up fast.

Store owners can also save a lot in assembly costs by choosing gondola shelving. Some other shelving types can take hours to put together and involve many parts and pieces.

Some other types of shelving are so complicated that store owners have to call in a professional to install them. A store owner should have no problems setting up gondola shelves, which means they won’t have to pay a professional and spend extra money.


This Shelving is Easy to Move

Grocery stores and retail stores often use gondola shelving because it is easy to move. Many stores change their layout with the season, and this type of shelf makes it easy to do.

Keep in mind that it is also easy to assemble, so store owners can disable the pieces and rearrange the store easily anytime they want to.


The Different Styles of These Shelves

Some store owners buy shelves that aren’t customizable and later regret that decision.

This type of shelving is very customizable. These shelves come in Slatwall shelving, pegboard shelving, and mesh shelving styles.


Accessories are Available for These Shelves

On top of the different shelving styles, there are some additional accessories that a store owner can purchase.

These additions make it easy to showcase select items, and they can help with lighting issues. Additions that can then be ordered for gondola shelves include:

  •         LED lights for illumination
  •         Dividers to split up the displays
  •         Baskets made of wire to showcase magazines
  •         Hanging pegs and hooks for hanging items such as purses and accessories


Gondola Shelving is a Great Idea

Gondola shelving is a great solution for grocery stores, clothing stores, comic book stores, and any other type of store or business out there.

They are affordable, can be bought used, and save a store owner money. Best of all, they are easy to assemble and can be moved quickly.

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