The Hot Shot Investing Options That Have Impressed Us

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During this entire ordeal with the pandemic, we have seen some stupifying outcomes for stocks, precious metals, and cryptos.

It’s amazing how resilient human beings are and no more is this encapsulated than the investing options that you have right now.

For some reason, there have been some real golden winners during the lockdown. You’ve probably heard the rise of Amazon and Tesla, as the battle of the bubbles.

Even though some people might say that cynically and others purely tongue in cheek, it says a lot that instead of plummeting, some are doing very well in these times.

So what hotshot options should you invest in?


$1,900 is the bottom!?

Did you know that just 2 years ago, gold was said to be stuck at $1,200?

Experts believed that the economy had finally recovered, sidestepped a potential recession under a new president and finally, the economy began to skyrocket.

Gold was thus going to stay where it was for the next couple of years or dip even lower. Well, we all know what happened, and when it did, gold broke records.

This precious metal has defied the odds and has shocked investors by punching above $2,000 in August. However, now it’s hovering around $1,900. With Janet Yellen set to take over and obey Biden to the letter, it seems like QE 6 is going to send gold even higher!


Into the future

Of course, stocks and bonds are still very popular despite the challenges of the pandemic.

Futures are the number one priority for investors because they want to give the guarantee that so many institutions and companies want, but be in a position to make a good few bucks in the near future.

We recommend that you give a look at these Delta Trading Group reviews and see what kinds of options are the most lucrative. Futures are going to become the hotshot investment when it comes to future QE.

Companies are so far beyond caring about corporate debt, and the new administration really won’t care either, then now is the time to lock in a purchase point for stocks. Companies will want to get as many buyers as they possibly can and quickly.


Bitcoin to the moon

All we can say about BTC is, wow!! Holy smokes, it’s actually punched through $40,000! How is this possible?

Well, quite easily actually. BTC is being seen as the future of crypto and not just a store of value like gold is. They can actually use BTC to buy anything they want and unlike gold, can convert their BTC into dollars in real-time.

BTC has become the hotshot investment option because rather than fade away like many said it would, it’s being seen as a safe haven for the wealthy, and also being backed by crypto supporters around the world. In other words, it has the wind behind its sails and it won’t stop anytime soon.

The best hot shot investing options such as gold, Bitcoin, and futures are really impressing us right now. They are defying the odds and giving investors hope, and quite frankly, making history as well.

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