6 Ways to Maximize Your Chance at Success in Real Estate

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Buying a house and being a homeowner is an exciting phase of life. The ability to purchase a property and get something you can call your own is an excellent opportunity to increase their assets.

The real estate journey provides an opportunity to acquire assets and create a path to financial freedom.

However, real estate can have its challenges, especially for individuals going into it to make money. It is also not a walk in the path for homeowners as it comes with added responsibilities such as taking care of the compound, taxes, and repairs.

You should thus invest carefully to ensure your investment has proper returns. Some of the tips that help you succeed in real estate include;


#1 Having a Good Credit Score

Buying a house or investing in real estate is costly. Most individuals use their credit score to get financial institutions to finance their real estate goals, helping them acquire the property they can pay over a period of time.

Thus, having an excellent credit score plays a vital role in how much a financial institution can lend to them, among other factors.

Financial institutions check how much you earn to help them determine the amount of exposure. Having a good credit score means they trust you more and can offer you high amounts with fewer interests.

Some financial institutions will also charge you high interest if you have a low credit score, making you pay more for a house and increase your monthly installments.

A good credit increases the number of financial institutions that can lend to you, allowing you to choose which one offers you a better deal and puts you in charge. Thus, you are not stuck with unreasonable lending companies that have exorbitant interests.


#2 Down Payment

To acquire a property in real estate, most people require the buyer to pay at least 20% of the house price as a down payment. This amount reduces your exposure and ensures you finish paying off your mortgage early.

It also reduces your chances of losing a house and is a government regulation that helps individuals become home buyers.

However, not everyone can afford a 20% down payment and some people opt to pay less amount and become homeowners faster.

Private Mortgage insurance was thus introduced to cater to this class of people and ensure they realize their dream of becoming homeowners by offering the lenders the remaining amount through insurance to cover the 20% down payment.

Individuals who cannot afford the down payment have insurance plans that protect the lenders but do not necessarily protect them from foreclosure.

Private mortgage insurance also increases your monthly repayments and the overall price of the house. The amount is approximately 1% of the home price paid in addition to your monthly loan repayments, interest, and taxes.

This factor causes a strain on your finances but increases the repayment period, which causes an increase in defaulting and leads to the house’s loss.

As much as PMI enables you to gain a house, it is an insurance plan set up to protect lenders and may be costly for you in the long run. Thus, it is wise to save up the down payment amount to reduce such hustles and ensure you increase your chances of owning your home in a short while.


#3 Hire an Excellent Realtor

Real estate investment processes can be long and tiring. The number of people involved, payments, legal procedures and understanding bank requirements, and needs get overwhelming, especially for first-time real estate investors.

It increases the chances of making a mistake or something going wrong. Even for seasoned buyers, ensuring you capture everything may prove a challenge, thus getting an excellent realtor is essential.

A realtor understands all the dynamics and procedures required in the home buying process. They are likely to guide you better, save you valuable time, and ensure your home follows city regulations.

Realtors are also excellent negotiators and understand the avenues to pursue to ensure your asking price is accepted and the closing arrangements are appropriately followed.

If you are a first-time real estate investor, it is essential to work with an excellent realtor who will ensure you make the right decisions and make a sound investment.


#4 Get Pre-Approved

Pre-approval refers to the process of getting an agreement from a financial institution that lends to help you buy a house. Getting pre-approved is essential to ensure you know how much you are working with and help in the type of home you decide to buy.

Pre-approvals are also essential in negotiations as sellers are more comfortable and trust you better when you have a pre-approval letter. It thus helps in the negotiation process and ensures you spend time and money wisely in your search process.

A pre-approval letter also makes sellers take you more seriously and informs the number of listings you are accessible to help you get your dream house. Thus, you should first seek a pre-approval letter before starting a house-hunting process to save on time and avoid bad financial decisions made in a rush that may plunge you into debts.


#5 Have a Realistic Budget

When buying a house, you are likely to see a wide variety of homes, some of which you will get attached to but are way beyond your realistic lifestyle.

Having a realistic budget provides an opportunity for you to answer tough financial questions that are likely to govern you during the hunting process.

A realistic budget also provides a scope for your realtor, enabling them to show you only what is within your budget to avoid placing unnecessary pressure on houses you cannot afford.

A budget also helps you channel your energy into doable and realistic ventures that can help you land your dream home. It is essential, especially for first-time real estate investors, to have a budget to ensure you do not eat more than you can chew.


#6 Airbnb investing

Airbnb investing refers to investing in real estate property and turning rental houses into facilities where people can stay for a night or rent out for a few days. Airbnb investment is lucrative in developed cities and those that receive many tourists and visitors. Some real estate markets worth exploring include:

Running an Airbnb facility opens you up to lucrative income as they earn more than conventional renting strategies.

However, Airbnb investments require proper research of the area, understanding city rules, and regulations and having a storing business background that enables you to successfully carry out the process and profit from the business.

You need to enlist a property and business expert’s services who will do a proper assessment of the area and provide valuable advice on the correct strategies to use.

This strategy ensures the business you start brings back to profit. If you do not have a business background, partnering or hiring a person who is conversant with the day to day running of the facility and proper marketing skills are essential to ensure you succeed.

Consider conducting proper research and careful planning before venturing into this path as it may be remarkably successful if done correctly or become a lousy investment quickly.



Real estate investment provides an avenue for a quality investment. Thus, you should adequately carry out your research and involve your family to ensure you purchase a comfortable property that meets their needs.

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