How to Groom Your Newborn Baby

Grooming the newborn, when he cannot yet bathe, requires delicacy and lots of pampering. We explain how to clean your baby, step by step.

While the baby cannot be bathed, newborn hygiene should be done with sponges soaked in warm water, with which the entire body is cleaned, except for the umbilical cord area.

This post explains how you can clean and groom your newborn baby.


The Bottom

First of all, it is necessary to change the diaper and clean the baby’s bottom.

To do this, you need specific moistened wipes for children and warm water in which a tablespoon of bicarbonate will have been dissolved in the case where the baby has a reddened bottom.

You should avoid soaps, which could irritate her delicate skin. Purchase the quality products for baby care at Panda Kids.

– If it is a boy, clean all his folds and then his genitals. Start with the foreskin by pulling it back, but without forcing. Finally, clean the penis and testicles.

– If it is a girl, clean her bottom with movements from front to back in order not to transport the waste from the stool towards the vagina, and, without pressing, also clean the area between the labia majora and minora. After cleaning the buttocks and anus, pat dries without rubbing.


The Face

To wash her face, you can use a soft cotton towel to clean her mouth, nose, and cheeks. Pay special attention to the back of the ears and the folds of the neck. While holding her head, wash each eye gently using a gauze soaked in water or saline.

– If you travel, for reasons of practicality, you can use specific single-use wipes for children.

– Gently pass the gauze or washcloth over each of the baby’s eyes, starting from the internal angle to the external, that is, from the inside to the outside.


The Ears

You need cotton wool or cotton buds. Roll up the cotton or take a cotton swab and wipe it over your ear. You should keep the child in a supine position, with the head bent to one side and slightly back.

– Attention: do not insert the cotton ball or the swab in the child’s ear and, above all, do not push the wax into the ear with the swab, which could end up annoyingly pressing the eardrum membrane.


The Nose

You need a saline solution or seawater. Lay the child on her back and turn her head to the side. Apply the product in the upper nostril and repeat the operation in the other nostril, turning the head to the other side. After 10 to 20 seconds, sit the child up to finish expelling the mucus.

– Attention: do not use cotton swabs to clean the nose.


The Mouth

You need cotton pads moistened with a little specific cleansing milk for children or moistened wipes, and sterile gauze pads and warm water.

– If the newborn’s mouth is irritated by milk or saliva, rub the cotton around the lips. If her lips are dry, apply a layer of cocoa cream afterward.

– For the inside of the mouth, soak a sterile gauze in warm boiled water, roll it around the index finger and gently wipe it through the mouth. Look closely at your child’s mouth each day for possible forms of mycosis (thrush).

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