7 Great Professions for Embracing Self-Employment


If the idea of working for yourself and being your own boss is always something that’s appealed to you, it’s a good idea to consider whether the work you do or the work you might want to do going forward is going to be suited to self-employment.

That’s what we’re going to explore today.

The reality is that some types of work and certain professions are better suited than others to a self-employed way of working. If you’re unsure of which professions are great at transitioning into self-employment, we’re going to cover some of the most common below, so keep reading.


#1 Business Consultant

If you already have a lot of business experience in your career, it might be a good idea to go it alone and become a self-employed business consultant. This is the kind of role that makes sense for anyone looking to guide other businesses and pass on your knowledge and experience.

You need to have something to offer businesses though, so consider what your unique selling point might be. This is important because, without this, you’ll struggle to find clients.


#2 Personal Trainer

Personal trainers are focused on working with particular clients, usually on a one on one basis. This is what makes personal training so well suited to self-employment.

You can build your own list of clients and find people who are looking to hire your services.

After all, the client works directly with you and that’s the case whether you’re working for yourself or for someone else, so why not go it alone and make it happen?


#3 Tutor

The situation is similar for tutors as it is for personal traIners. It’s all about one on one work with a client and that’s important because it gives you the chance to develop an ongoing professional relationship with the person you’re tutoring.

And there are so many different types of tutoring that can be explored and considered depending on where your skills lie and what you’re capable of offering to the world. It’s definitely a career that’s suited to self-employment though.


#4 Electrical Work

Electricians often decide to become self-employed. After all, they work by moving around from job to job, so there’s often no need to have a central base or workplace. And the best electrical engineering schools can offer training that provides you with everything you need to get started and to go it alone in this line of work.

The services offered by electricians are always going to be in demand, which is always a benefit when deciding whether or not to turn self-employed.


#5 Graphic Designer

Graphics designers usually work from home and it’s often a quite solitary job. It makes sense for them to be hired on a project to project basis and that’s why so many of them are self-employed and work for themselves.

If you’re in this line of work, you’re entirely reliant on your own skills and your own creative talents, so it certainly does make sense for it to be done on this kind of basis. Many graphic designers at all stages of their careers are their own bosses.



Photographers are often commissioned for particular shoots, whether that’s a fashion shoot, a portrait shoot or a wedding or other kind of event.

There are so many situations in which a good photographer is called for and it often makes sense for them to work for themselves.

It’s another example of a job in which you’re reliant on your own creative skills so it makes sense to simply work for yourself.


#7 Event Planner

Event planning is an incredibly challenging job and one in which you’re always faced with new and unexpected challenges every day of the week. It’s also a lot of fun because the work is so varied and often unique and interesting.

Once you gain experience, offering your skills and expertise on a self-employed basis definitely makes a lot of sense and it’s something you should consider if this is the profession you’re in.

Each of these professions is ideally suited to self-employment. So if you love the idea of being your own boss and going your one way in your career, maybe it’s time for you to think about making this switch, especially if you’re already working in one of these niches or another niche that’s suited to self-employment.

Are you considering any of these self-employment careers?

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