Top 3 Cosmetic Dental Procedures For Better Smile


General dentists treat people’s oral health problems and help them prevent tooth decay. On the other hand, cosmetic dentists focus on fixing their patients’ smiles and improving the overall appearance of their pearly whites. Not to mention that in cases of emergencies, patients can fix painful oral issues with the Dentist in Naples.

While people ask for cosmetic dental procedures for aesthetic purposes, there are instances when some procedures may also provide restorative benefits.

Once you have your teeth fixed by a cosmetic dentistry specialist, you get an assurance that you will have a better smile in no time. If you find yourself asking the question: Is there any cosmetic dentistry near me? Then, it may be the cue that you need to find an excellent cosmetic dentist to help fix your tooth problems.

To help you determine which cosmetic dental procedures fit your situation, here are some of the most common types of cosmetic dentistry.


#1 Composite Bonding

One of the prevalent and affordable cosmetic dental procedures that patients avail is composite bonding.

Specialists use this to repair different types of issues like chipped teeth or tooth decay. The process usually requires dentists to get rid of any decaying areas of the teeth before they start putting the bonding agent.

Then they will apply the composite solution directly to the surface of the tooth and shape it to fit its natural shape. Because of the simplicity of this procedure, most patients ask for this treatment. They use it to improve the appearance of their teeth.


#2 Dental Implants

If you accidentally lose or crack a tooth, you do not have to endure a toothless grin for life. You can ask your cosmetic dentist to replace the lost or broken tooth with a dental implant to fill in the vacant space. The dentist will start by digging a small titanium screw into the jaw.

During the next months, the screw will eventually fuse to the jawbone. Then the dentist will fix a crown on top of the screw to take over the place of the lost tooth. Your cosmetic dentist must choose the right crown to match the natural look of the rest of your teeth.

While it can be the most invasive cosmetic dentistry procedure, it is also the most permanent one because it will last a lifetime.


#3 Teeth Whitening

Most patients searching for terms like “cosmetic dentistry near me” want to have their teeth clean and spot-free. As people get older, their teeth turn grey or yellow due to poor dental habits, smoking, or consumption of coffee, tea, or wine.

While some people would resort to DIY treatments by using whitening strips in pharmacies, the effects will only last for a short time. Because of this, some ask their dentist to do a teeth whitening treatment to have whiter teeth that will last.

Cosmetic dentists would generally require several sessions of teeth whitening treatments to give you the best results. As long as you follow the basic oral hygiene after your procedures, you will enjoy whiter teeth for many months.

There are other options for cosmetic dental procedures if you want to have a better set of teeth. All of these procedures will help you develop better self-esteem since you no longer have to hide your smile because of your crooked teeth. You need to set a budget and consult with a highly skilled cosmetic dentist to know which procedure will help you get the teeth of your dreams.

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