2 Ways to Squeezing Every Drop Of Effort Out Of Your Business


We could feel that we’ve got every component in place, that employee performance is adequately managed and our technology is up to date, but are we squeezing every bit of effort out of our business?

The big problem that many managers have is that they continually raise the bar.

The real solution to productivity and potential is about looking at what you’ve got right now and squeezing every last drop of effort out rather than pushing everything to breaking point.

What can you do to ensure that you are making the most of your business’s potential?


#1 Acquiring The Most Useful Financial Help

It’s a very tricky issue. We need to inject as much cash into our company but we don’t want to get into debt further down the line.

This means that we’ve got to figure out a way to make the most of what we’ve got while cutting financial corners. If you think that you could do with a little bit more money you could contact an angel investor who will want to see how the business has been going over the last few years.

But another more alternative approach would be to sell a bit of your land. Cell phone companies are looking to buy land so they can install cell phone towers.

This may seem like a strange idea but there are companies like Vertical Consultants that can help you through this process.

It could very well be the best way to get a good cash injection without compromising your company. There’s always a way to get a bit of extra money.

But you have to make sure that you are doing it for the right reasons and that it benefits the business, rather than your desire for the green.


#2 Looking At Your Employees In The Long Term

While outsourcing appears to be the go-to option to hit targets when you’re trying to make the most of your employees right now you can run the risk of pushing them to the point of exhaustion.

We live in a target driven society. This means that once the target has been achieved, we raise the bar higher. But we’ve got to find a way to hit our numbers while making sure that we don’t push our employees away.

Looking at your employees in the long term means investing in their development and begin to treat them as a bonafide member of the business. When our employees are happy and content they will work better for us.

This means we have got to instill loyalty but we can only do that if we give them real reasons to work for us. Investing in their long-term happiness and well-being but also giving them the perks means that you are proving to your employees that you value them.

This will be a far more effective way to ensure they are working hard.

You’ve also got to remember that when trying to squeeze every last drop of effort out of your business is that you recharge them.

We can’t expect our employees to go to failure every single time without giving them the opportunity to recuperate. This means we should implement tools that either automate processes or make life easier for them.

As far as effort is concerned, it’s not necessarily about working hard, but it’s about working smart.

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