3 Essential Things to Look for When Purchasing a Chainsaw


One of the most common uses of a chainsaw is firewood chopping. Especially if you live in areas with a colder climate, you need to stack up on these firewoods for the fireplace. Chainsaws are also used to keep the yard clear and clean from the overhanging branches. Whatever your needs are, it is crucial to choose the right one for you.

For a specific chainsaw part to be considered as good, it must be packed with features that will make it stand out. For example, if you search for chainsaw chains online, you will be able to distinguish that those with a light blue metal surface are sturdier compared to other brands.

Also, a chain with receptors for oil storage is preferred since it can help keep the chain free from damage. The quality of the chain is crucial because overheating and natural wearing can limit its performance.

To help you figure out what chainsaw and chain to buy, check these tips below.

#1 Choose your chainsaw based on the kind of work you do.

If this is your first time buying one, aside from the safe handling of this tool, also think of the future cutting jobs you intend to perform. If you are doing some heavy-duty cutting jobs, you might as well invest in a bulkier chainsaw. It is important to note, however, that a more massive chainsaw might overexert your arm just because of its sheer weight.

If you are tackling home projects, the more appropriate logs to use are those which can cut through hard firewood and are about 20 inches in diameter. Chainsaws for these kinds of jobs are somewhere between 24 and 34 ccs, with an 18 or 14 inches blade length.

If most of your cutting tasks involve cutting down small trees that will measure around 13 or 14 inches wide, smaller engined chainsaws are fit for you. These chainsaws usually have blades that measure from ten to 14 inches, with an engine that measures from 24 to 34 ccs.

Lastly, if you venture mostly into heavy cutting tasks, you will need a heavy-duty saw that professionals typically use. This kind of saw will help you cut through tough trees and hardwood. The engine of this saw is usually around 46 ccs. Its guide can be 18 to 24 inches in length.

#2 Know your chainsaw types

Power is crucial for any kind of logging work. You have to know whether or not your chainsaw of choice can quickly power up and keep the same force all through the cutting process.

If you are still starting up, you can choose among these types of chainsaws.

  • Gas-powered
  • Electric-powered
  • Electric saws

#3 Choose the right chainsaw chain

If you search for chainsaw chains online, you will further understand the need to choose your chain correctly, too. Since this is responsible for allowing the saw blade to propel, you have to know how to choose the right chain tension.

The chain will quickly slacken up with constant and heavy use. The pressure applied to the saw can keep it stable while the chain rotates by cutting through objects.

Aside from manually adjusting your chain, you can buy chains that offer easy tension tweaking. This type of chain usually comes with adjustable knobs that you can turn by hand.

Choosing the perfect saw largely depends on your needs and cutting tasks. Before you buy one, make sure to anticipate what kinds of cutting jobs you will be doing as soon as you get your hands on your saw.

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