Are Real Estate Agents Still Relevant In The Age Of Tech?

Technology has transformed everything, today, most the purchases are made online, and the real estate industry has been affected by the same.

A good number of home buyers today rarely put any effort into finding a realtor, they just go online, look for their dream house, within their preferred location, visit the site, and hence they do not see the need to find a realtor.

Traditionally, home buyers would look for a real estate agent who would do most of the work of finding a house that the home buyer wants.

However, nowadays the home buyer does all the job of looking for the house online, once the home buyer gets to the house, then he needs to call an agent to come and open the house for house viewing and complete the rest of the transactions.

The agent is paid the same commission that they would have been paid if they were given the job of looking for the house in the first place. So they are paid the same fraction for doing less. In most cases, the commission amounts to 3% of the sales.

So whether the home buyer involves an agent or not in their house search, the agent will get the same commission for doing less work. Most of the transactions to purchase a home will require an agent to finalize.

Role Played by Real Estate Agents in the age of tech.

Realtors are necessary to close the deal

The home buyer in most cases will do all the difficult work, but once they find a home that they are interested in viewing, they will need to call the agent to come to open the house for viewing, connect the buyer with the seller, and finalize all the transactions in terms of whether the deal will be a mortgage sale or a cash sale.

The agent gets the same commission they would have been paid if they did all the work. Up next is a modern platform where buyers can get access to agents within their preferred location, within 24 hours, and these agents can do all the work for the same commission.

Sellers look for Agents

When a person is looking to sell their home, whether new or used, first of all, they find a realtor to make the process easy for them. So when trying to buy a house, it is most likely that the buyer will go through the hands of an agent.

Websites such as Upnest offer several real estate agents who have information on plenty of houses being sold within a precise location.

The buyer just needs to sign up and enter their preferences, and then interview several agents, then getting to the house of their dreams becomes easy.

Keeping it simple

Realtors that hire commission only sales agents already have experience in looking for houses; they have knowledge of the best houses, even if the buyer does the work of looking for the house themselves, the agent knows that the same home buyer can get a better house at a cheaper price if they had looked for their services from the word go.

Why services like Upnest are necessary for the age of tech

Everyone has gone online, even finding a realtor is done online. For sellers looking for a modern real estate agent, Upnest has them covered. Up next is a platform where agents can compete for the attention of the buyer or seller of a house.

So Upnest is necessary for buyers who want to leave all the work to an agent because agents have all the information about all the houses being sold within a precise location.

All the buyer has to do to get their dream home is to enter their information and preferences, and their agent will do the rest.

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