6 Key Positions All Startup Owners Must Fill


Business owners are –– by their very nature –– an ambitious and energetic bunch. After all, it requires a great deal of hard work and ingenuity to create a successful startup.

However, as all experienced professionals recognize, everyone needs support from a team to achieve their goals. No matter how small your organization is, it’s imperative that business leaders manage to form a team that will help their business grow.

Here are six integral positions that all startup owners should fill as soon as possible:


Product Manager

Without a viable product or service to offer your clientele, your business will never get off the ground.

Regardless of whether you sell sophisticated lab equipment like 48 well plates or something as lighthearted as novelty socks, it’s imperative to have a team member dedicated to improving your product.

Give this person the time and space they need to enhance your products and services.



The only way for a new company to survive (and eventually thrive) is through sales.

As such, one of the first areas a new business owner should look to address is their sales department. Bringing in a talented, capable sales pro can alleviate so many other issues and ensure that your business stays in the black.


Marketing Manager

Of course, what are sales without marketing? Ideally, your marketing and sales departments should work closely together to attract and convert consumers, respectively.

If at all possible, make it a point to hire a marketing professional who has a wide array of skills and knowledge of digital media.


Customer Service Representative

Happy customers often become repeat customers. And when businesses are able to retain customers consistently, success is certain to follow.

Customer service representatives are crucial to a business’s viability because they work to deliver a positive purchase experience every time. Without a dedicated customer service pro on staff, your team could struggle to build a loyal fan base.


Tech Support/Engineer

The last thing a new business can afford is to lose customers due to tech breakdowns.

Given that fact, it’s crucial that all new business owners locate a tech support pro or engineer who can help them deal with tech-based issues as they arise.

Having a great team member in this role will prevent a myriad of other problems from arising.


Team Leader

Some companies may refer to this person as the office manager. Regardless of the nomenclature, the person in this role is tasked with getting everyone else to work together.

Sounds simple enough, right?

Well, trust us, it’s not. Thankfully, effective team leaders encourage collaboration and improve productivity across the board.

A team leader is the person who holds everything else together, so only appoint someone you deeply trust to this position.

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