3 Modern Designs Standards and Traits Of A Business HQ

There will come a time in your business life when you want to design your own business HQ. Now it might not be as large and as extravagant as Google or Apple’s headquarters.

However, it will be something that will represent your business all the same. What kind of modern designs do you have in mind? Most likely, you want a great modern building, with great architecture and superb features.

For inspiration, no doubt you’ll look for modern commercial building designs. But have you ever thought about the design traits that have been influenced by culture, politics, and technology? These three things have more of a hand in modern building construction than style and decor.

It’s just how the world has changed. Commercial high-rise buildings have shown the way in their internal designs and technologies. You should take a leaf out of their book.


#1 Facade designs

When you walk up to a commercial building, what do you see? The front is the most important part of any building when it comes to style and design. Thus, you will often see big swooping arches above the entrance. You’ll see large frames, around the doors.

You’ll also see a variety of glass panes that make up a unique pattern and or design. Usually, these will reflect the building owners or the businesses that reside inside. You might have the logo and or name of the business, written in unique colored pane glass sheets for example.

The door themselves should be a statement. They must symbolize what the company is about in terms of standards. That’s why many banks go with the polished brass doors because they reflect light in a golden tinge.

On the other hand, you may want to have a facade that physically sticks out, by layering and incorporating stepped designs.



#2 Internal design foresight

The world is heading towards an energy-efficient standard. Governments will not look kindly on corporate buildings that do not represent their targets for energy conservation.

Thus, you will need to implement designs and materials, that will. You should have the head of the design department or business administration, become certified by the Energy Management Association for energy efficiency in internal design. This will help them learn different kinds of modern energy-efficient design traits.

The heating and plumbing is perhaps the number one concern because commercial buildings spend millions every year, just trying to keep their offices warm for their employees. You will also want to learn about designing the ceiling and roof for your building, so that heat does not continually escape from this area.


#3 Fabric decor

Leather is a prestigious material in any commercial building. Every executive chair you’ve ever seen is made from this material. However, the best way to trap heat in the office is to have more fabric office chairs and sofas.

It sounds simple enough but it could save your business a lot of money. It’s what the top companies are using as well because it makes for a more comfortable environment for employees.

Modern commercial buildings are incredibly complex. However, their design traits are not difficult to understand, so learning them for your HQ shouldn’t be a big problem.

Have you considered any of these designs for your business?

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