Why Your Business Event Networking Is A Flop


Organizing a business event networking can be a valuable strategy to boost your business influence on the market and meet potential partners.

However, event planning is a delicate art to master. On the one hand, you need to create a relaxed atmosphere, as your guests will find it hard to mingle and interact if the tone is too formal and strict. But, on the other hand, it shouldn’t be a party either.

You can’t afford to take your eyes off the primary business objective, which is to grow your brand visibility. It’s a tricky balancing act between conviviality and professionalism.

For a lot of companies, failing to create the right balance could have dramatic consequences, not only for the event itself but also for your future growth potential.


Too many drinks!

The ideal approach for a business event is to let the catering options give the tone.

Typically, putting alcoholic drinks on the menu is a bad idea when you’re meeting clients, but you can, however, welcome participants with a light cocktail. Indeed, a drink could help people to feel more at ease.

However, you need to be careful and arrange for alcohol-free options for the rest of the event. You don’t want your participants to misbehave or get too drunk to network. A grown-up welcoming drink is all you need!

Similarly, when it comes to food, you should also consider how quantities and flavors are going to impact your guests. Offering bite-sized snacks is a better choice. Creamy and dense dishes are going to send everyone into a digestive torpor.


You can’t share information safely on the spot

Ideally, you want to be able to provide your guests with an information pack. However, the days of the printed and impersonal brochure are long gone!

Nowadays, you need to create dedicated digital folders that are suited for different client’s profiles. Typically, using a cloud service is the easiest and quickest approach. You can get in touch with a specialist to organize managed IT services that allow your employees to access the relevant data from anywhere.

Additionally, your cloud solution should also offer a quick and easy area for events, enabling employees to share data safely and on the go.


You’re desperate to distribute your card

“Hi, please take my business card.”

Sure, it might feel satisfying to give your card, but if you don’t establish a contact in the first place, you’re wasting your time. Networking is all about getting to know each other and starting a conversation.

If you can’t do small talk, you are going to give your cards to people who don’t care about you.


Nobody came

You emailed your customers to let them know about the event, and still, nobody came. What happened? Lack of promotional activities, that’s what happened. You need to invest time and effort into marketing the event.

The creation of an online community platform to encourage people to sign up and share information is essential. You can even offer to match people ahead of the event.

Launching a networking event is an expensive commitment. However, too many companies fail to make it work. Whether you find yourself unable to share data on the go with potential leads or struggling to spread the word about the venue, there’s more to planning than finding a site and a date.

Has your business networking event ever been a flop?

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