3 Reasons Why Calgary is a Great Place to Live

Calgary is one of Canada’s most famous cities.

It was the site for the 1988 Winter Olympics and is noted to be the world’s most stable place to raise a family. It’s 1.1 million inhabitants enjoy an educational and healthcare system that’s time-tested and very reliable. The Economist, a London paper, has rated Calgary as the world’s fifth-best place to live.

The city is also known for being Alberta’s largest producer of oil and natural gas.


#1 Cowtown in Calgary

The town is 80 kilometers away from Canada’s Rocky Mountain Range. Calgary is well known for being on the Bow River in the center of a beef-cattle space, with the largest cattle herd in Canada. As for the air quality, there’s not much pollution there. The water system is still very pure, and the residents avow that their sewage system is pretty clean. There’s also a hefty fine for littering.

In the southeast, there are many Cranston homes for sale, located close to Auburn Bay, in the Province of Alberta. The beautiful boardwalk and sunset canoe rides are very pleasant for visitors and residents alike.


#2 Oil Industry and Low Taxes

Calgary is the largest city in Alberta and the epicenter of the Canadian energy and oil industry. For those who move to Calgary, the good news is that they can spend more on clothing and entertainment, as they don’t have to pay a cent to the provincial sales tax. So far, there’s no such tax in Calgary. Although, Ontario, Quebec, and Atlantic province residents, all have to pay a 15 percent combined provincial and federal sales tax.

Here is a list of some of the three most unique things the city of Calgary is known for:

  1. The Calgary Stampede – A world-renown annual rodeo event in July, the Calgary Stampede also offers an international exhibition and festival that attracts visitors from all over the world.
  2. The Fire of 1886 – After this devastating fire, that’s by-the-way commemorated every year on November 7th, and to prevent such devastating fires in the future, all civic buildings are now built using sandstone instead of wood.
  3. Pacific Railway Headquarters – This is the famous Canadian headquarters for about 20,000 kilometers of a railway for transportation of goods to 8 ports and many markets across North America.


#3 Nice Weather and Great Public Transportation

The Plus 15 Skywalk is a 16-kilometer area of footbridges that connect buildings. This is so you don’t have to go outside as much during the cold weather, and to get around. That way, you can pretty much walk in shorts and summer clothing in the wintertime since the area is always heated.

There’s less foot traffic on the roads. Access to restaurants and bars is outside at the street level. However, you can always avoid a downpour in Calgary, if you stay in the designated indoor area provided by the Skywalk.

As for finding an outdoor activity at the foothills of the mountains in the winter, there’s an Olympic Park with snowboarding, skating, and a formidable bobsled facility. In the summer, there’s always zip-lining and mountain biking that’s available for thrill-seekers!

Public transportation is everywhere and easily accessible. Banff is close-by for all ski lovers, and so are many national parks, including Jasper, where you can see dozens of glaciers nearby, during the cold season.

Isn’t it time you moved to Calgary?

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