Looks Matter: 6 Tips to Dress Appropriately For a Job Interview


Preparing for a job interview is oftentimes stressful. There are several different things that we must do in order to make ourselves ready for the interview.

We stay up all night practicing how we’d answer some common interview questions, we do research on the company to understand the values and morals practiced there, and we spend hours looking through our closets for the perfect attire.

We put in this effort because we know how important first impressions are. To make the right first impression, we know that we must dress appropriately. However, knowing what’s appropriate and what’s not isn’t always the easiest decision.

That’s why we created a list of a few tips to help you dress for a job interview the right way. Continue reading below to learn more!


#1 Know the Company’s Dress Code

All companies have different dress codes. Depending on the type of company and the culture there, you may either need to dress in formal clothes for your interview or dress in casual clothes. Because no two companies are alike, it’s essential that you take the time to do some research on the company itself.

Go to the company’s website and social media pages to find this information. See what other employees there are wearing. See what the managers are wearing as well.

You’ll want to come in looking as if you’re ready to start working that day. This is a good rule to follow, as you never know what might be handed to you at the moment. For example, if the hiring manager asks you to perform a task that you’d be performing on the job, would you be ready to do it?

Look the part and be ready to act the part as well.


#2 Dress to the Most Professional Position

Another great tip to follow is to notice what the positions above the one you’re applying for are wearing. Dressing as someone in a higher-up position lets the interviewing manager know that you mean business and are ready to work hard within the company.

This shows that you’re not afraid to move up the ladder in the company. Just be sure to not go too overboard with it. You don’t want to walk through the doors wearing flashy clothing.

Instead, go for something that’s formal and neutral.


#3 The Details Always Matter

The little details matter more than you might think. Even if you come in wearing the most formal suit you could find, if the details aren’t taken into account, the entire outfit could be a failure. When choosing your interview outfit, be sure that there are no wrinkles, that your shoes aren’t scuffed, and that your coats and sweaters don’t show signs of wear.

A lapel pin is a great touch as this adds character without being distracting. Know some information about lapel pin placement before simply slapping one on, as the location of the pin is important. Wearing a lapel pin can help show your personality and bring a bit of life to your formal attire.


#4 Choose Clothing That Fits Well

If you’re scavenging through your closet looking for the perfect interview outfit, you may feel inclined to pull out an old suit or dress from years back. Maybe it’s the only formal or business casual attire that you have. If you find something like this and it still fits you well, then you have a winner!

However, if it’s a bit too big or small, then you’ll want to pass on it. If the outfit is too big on you, you may not look as professional as you’d like. If the outfit is too small on you, you may look unflattering, and it may cause a distraction.


#5 Make Sure You’re Comfortable

You’re most likely thinking that there’s no way you’re going to be in comfortable clothes for this interview no matter what you wear. That’s not the case though. There are plenty of comfortable outfits available that are ideal for interviews.

One of the main things is wearing clothes that fit well and shoes that are already broken in. When you’re comfortable in what you’re wearing, it’ll show. You can then focus your attention on the interview itself and not the wedgie that your slacks are giving you.


#6 Don’t Go Heavy on the Perfume

You want to smell your best during the interview and this is a great idea, but you don’t want to overdo it. Going heavy on the perfume or cologne could cause a reaction from the person conducting the interview. You never know what sensitivities or allergies people may have and wear too much could cause a flare-up.

To avoid this altogether, you can take a quick shower and apply some deodorant before heading out to the interview. This amount of freshness will be the perfect way to show the interviewer that you’re a professional without having to choke him or her with a fragrance.


Dress Appropriately for Your Next Interview!

First impressions are crucial, especially when it’s for someone who holds your future in their hands.

When you have an interview lined up, it’s important that you know how to dress appropriately for it. Keep these 6 helpful tips in mind when preparing for your big day! Doing so will ensure that you create an award-winning appearance for your job interview.

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