Pushing, Planning, And Pain! The 5 Things They Don’t Tell You About Running A Business


There is nothing more palpably exciting than launching your business into the stratosphere. But with all the preparation, there is a lot to consider.

Not just in the run-up to it, but what happens afterward.

There are, let’s make no bones about this, various hardships. Not just professionally and personally as well. Let’s provide you with some of the things that you need to prepare for.


#1 You Will Feel Out Of Your Depth

If you have an idea for a business, you’ve got to give it the time and dedication it deserves. When it comes to the very basics, like writing a business plan and acquiring funding, you will open yourself up to a lot of criticism. As such, if you find that you’re not able to answer certain questions you will feel out of your depth.

And if you feel like this, it’s a good thing! Feeling out of your depth means that you will start to learn from the mistakes you make.

When you feel out of your depth this means that you are pushing in the right direction. But you are also learning how to be a better version of yourself. Embrace the uncertainty!


#2 Learning To Network Effectively Is A Killer

If you start a business from nothing and know no-one, you have to be the person that sticks your neck out. Everybody else around you seems to have already acquired the necessary contacts, and a verbal shorthand with their clients.

Whereas you have no idea what’s going on, and what’s more, you’ve got to be the person to instigate conversation! Learning to network effectively is hard work, but remember, there are others in the same boat as you. Learning to network isn’t about acquiring contacts or contracts.

Think about making friends, and this can demystify the process but also takes the pressure away.


#3 The Reality Doesn’t Always Match Up To Your Dreams

We think that it’s going to be this wonderful thing, because we’re in charge of our lives and not work for anyone else! But what you have in your head may not be what truly develops into reality. You might think about those cool entrepreneurs, but we don’t see is the difficulties they went through.

Unfortunately, we have to go through the hard times ourselves, and it’s these moments when we wonder if it’s all worth it. But the fact of the matter is, there’s a lot of aspects of running a business that’s not very sexy at all. But, push through, and the reality can be what you envisage it to be. But we have to remember that we have to endure the difficulties first.


#4 You Will Make Mistakes

As if it doesn’t need saying! But when you are setting up a company, you will feel like you’re flying by the seat of your pants.

In fact, you’ll feel like this a lot! Making mistakes is part of what makes you who you are. A lot of people feel scared to make mistakes because this makes them out to look like an idiot. But as the cliche goes, you should always be the dumbest person in the room. This means that you will learn more than everyone else.

Making mistakes is the only way you can learn properly. Rather than trying to paper over the cracks, you should actively embrace making mistakes. But we don’t mean that you should seek to destroy the company from the inside out! When you do make a mistake, own it and figure out what you can do to rectify it.


#5 Your Loved Ones Will Doubt You

Quite possibly the most heartbreaking aspect of running a business. Because the best business people take risks, when those closest to us see us banging our heads against a brick wall, they try to “help” us. Unfortunately, the way they try to help us is to put us off the scent.

And sometimes, if someone you love is trying to discourage you, you have to remember that they are thinking about what is best for you, even if you know it’s not. What’s important is that you have a belief in yourself. And when these criticisms come your way, you’ve got to decide which direction to go down.

Setting up a company is one of the biggest adventures in life. But of course, alongside running a company comes a lot of trials and tribulations. There are things that they don’t tell you about running a business, and perhaps this is because you have to experience it yourself.

But whether it’s making mistakes, having your loved ones doubt your abilities, or just feeling like you’re an imposter, if you believe in the business, you must push on!

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