How Your Personal Health Impacts Your Work (And How to Maintain It)


It’s undoubtedly that your personal health impacts your performance in the workplace. When you’re feeling at your best, you’ll take less time off sick, and feel more motivated to produce your best work.

At the same time, it’s important to remember that work affects your health, too. 15.4 million working days were lost to work-related mental health issues from 2017 to 2018 in the UK, and it’s no surprise if we spend the majority of our time awake either on the clock, commuting or checking emails.

Here are four ways to maintain your health both in and out of work.


Take breaks

When you’re snowed under it can feel tempting to get your head down, work through your lunch break, and put in overtime to get everything done. It’s important to take regular breaks, however – even when deadlines are tight.

You may find that even a 10-minute walk outside is enough to clear your head and give you a fresh perspective on something you’ve been struggling with.   Besides taking breaks, it is also good to go for regular health and dental check-ups. This ensures that your body is in top condition at all times. If you’re looking for a reliable dental care professional, this reputable Dentist in Roseville comes highly recommended.



Exercising is proven to boost alertness, improve your mental wellbeing, and reduce the risk of long-term physical health problems. All of that is good news for your output at work, so try to fit it in whenever you can for the benefit of your career and your health.

If it’s convenient to walk or cycle to work, ditch the car and stretch your legs. Even small decisions like taking the stairs instead of the lift can make a difference.


Improve your sleep routine

Sleep has a significant effect on your mood and mental performance throughout the day. Try to create a healthy and consistent routine before you hit the hay – such as preparing your clothes for the next day or reading a book in bed.

Switching off from work is essential in getting an adequate amount of sleep. Set a strict curfew on looking at your emails, and write down anything important to save you worrying about it in the middle of the night.


Get regular check-ups

Even for those with balanced lifestyles, health problems can crop up from time to time and put careers on hold. From your heart to your teeth and your vision, getting regular health check-ups could help you catch any problems early and reduce their impact.

Health professionals are only human, however, and sometimes mistakes are made. Seeking hospital negligence compensation can help you rectify the situation and move on with your life.


Eat well

Poor dietary habits can lead to tiredness and other longer-term health issues – both of which can impact your productivity.

Taking simple steps such as skipping buying lunch and making extra the night before instead can help you get the nutrition you need by controlling exactly what you’re putting in your body.

Do you feel like you’re performing at the level you could be? Take on these tips to see how maintaining your health can have benefits in every area of your life.

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