How To Correctly Deal With False Accusations Against Your Company


It seems like more and more, statements, apologies, press releases and more are becoming the evergreen reality of many public figures. It also seems as though businesses are having to partake in this.

An off-color or misinterpreted marketing campaign here, a public and visible complaint there, or a false narrative spun from something truthful getting out of hand can all do tremendous damage to the reputation of your firm.

Real accusations of error and harm are one thing, but being accused of false issues? That can really take the cake, and cause some real frustration in your head office. When approached with this, it is extremely important that you deal with the issue immediately.

Many businesses fail to do this, only increasing public anger. The more you leave it, the more the accusations can also look more believable.

After all, if a suspect is falsely accused in a police interview room, it’s common for the innocent to immediately deny the allegations quite forcefully and put the record straight. However, the guilty usually clam up and fail to provide a hard and emotive response.

With this advice, you’ll be sure to make it through this set of issues correctly:


Prepare A Statement

It’s important to get ahead of the accusations immediately and to disprove them to the best degree you can. Apologies that people were given this impression, but also make it clear that it is incorrect.

For example, someone might have accused you of using chemicals in your otherwise organic products. Describing your preparation process can help you ensure that people see there was no room for this within your procedure.

If a customer lies and suggests they were thrown out of a restaurant for no reason, a CCTV tape released with blurred faces can help you show that actually, there might have been plenty of reason.

But this is not all. It’s also important to consider:


Lawyering Up

Unfortunately, not every pays attention to the facts, yet the hard words thrown your way can quite easily harm you and your business. It may be that conferring with an internet defamation lawyer can help you close in on the source of the comments and allow the proper litigation to take its course.

Remember – defamation lawyers are not your attack dogs to silence those critical of your firm. They are carefully considered professionals who can help you measure out the financial cost associated with a false accusation intended to harm.

These two things are worlds apart, so be sure to consult with them as respectfully as possible.


Be Better

Unfortunately, even a false accusation can show you that someone may have had this impression, even if misguided. It can certainly help you realize where your PR weak spots are.

This means improving your operation can help you avoid anything like this from happening again, no matter if you are proven right or wrong.

With this advice, you’re certain to correctly deal with false accusations against your company.

What are you doing to deal with false accusations against your company?

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