Why Your Office Design Really Does Matter


You might think that as long as you have an office that is functional, you don’t need to worry anymore about it, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

The way office spaces look has a far greater impact on your business than you might imagine, and that is why you should be investing more time and money in yours…


Make a Great Impression

Your office building is the first glimpse of your company many clients will get, so it really does help them to form their first impressions of your company.

If, for example, you have a beautifully designed building with an impressive roof from the Austin Commercial Roofing Company, visitors are going to look much more favorably on you than if you operate from a drab, dirty building with tiles missing from the roof and no personality whatsoever – it’s just common sense, so at least make sure your office is presentable and in keeping with your company ethos, both inside and out.


Employee Health

Your employees naturally spend a lot of time in the office, and that means it can have a very real impact on their health.

Studies have shown that offices that are dark, noisy and old can have a negative impact upon stress levels, whereas office spaces that are bright, naturally lit contemporary can help to keep stress levels low.

Your employees work hard, so they deserve to have a positive environment in which to work.


Attract Employees

When you’re hiring, you want to attract the top talent in your niche to come and work for you.

They are hardly going to be impressed if, upon Googling you, they see image after image of drab, boring office space that hasn’t been decorated in a decade, are they?

No, the top talent expects to see brightly lit rooms with impressive artworks on the walls, lots of smiling employees, comfy couches for rest breaks, and well you get the idea. By transforming your office space, you can help to secure a better class of employee and that will be good news for your bottom line.


Reflect Your Company Values

The way your office looks, whether you like it or not, reflects your company values.

If you want to be seen as a hip up and coming company, then you need the modern space to match it, or if you want to be a creative company, you need to have art on the walls and open spaces where employees can collaborate.

It’s pretty simple really, and it will help to get your business taken more seriously.


Boost Productivity

As if that wasn’t enough, the layout of your office can also have a significant impact on the productivity of your employees.

For one thing, happy employees are more productive, so if they’re in a space that minimizes stress and fosters a sense of wellbeing, they are already going to perform well, and for another, if the office layout takes into account the kind of tasks employees will be working on and gives them enough space to do so comfortably, greater productivity is inevitable.

The bottom line: You need to take office design more seriously if you want your business to be serious.

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