4 Simple Steps to Simplify Tax Filing


Filing taxes isn’t something that most people enjoy doing, yet it’s a necessary part of life, especially for business owners who want to ensure that all of their operations are fully legitimate.

With so many ways to incorporate a company and an abundance of possible deductions that can reduce the amount of taxes, you’re held liable for at the end of the tax year, just deciding where to start can be tough.

Luckily, anyone can take the following steps to make their tax filing duties a routine walk in the park:



1. Use a Tax Filing Kit to Get the Right Forms Fast and Easy

Sometimes, just finding the right forms can be difficult.

Once you’ve got the appropriate forms on your hands, it’s really just a matter of filling in the fields.

Thus, getting your hands on a good tax filing kit that includes all the necessary forms you need will be much more convenient than having to manually find each form that you need through your own independent research.


2. Take Basic Courses on Tax Filing or Business Accounting

If you really want to ensure that there won’t be any unexpected surprises or problems that you don’t know how to solve, all you have to do is sign up for a basic business tax or accounting course online.

This should teach you more than the basics, and you’ll probably have the opportunity to have questions about your tax needs answered by the course provider.

Investing in your education on the topic will keep you from having to rely fully on third-party tax “experts” who often make mistakes themselves. After all, nobody knows your business model, expenses, and other factors that influence tax filing more intimately than you do.


3. Consider Filing on a Quarterly Basis

While putting it off until the end of the year might seem like the easy way out, it might actually be creating more harm than good because then you wind up with a mound of tax filing tasks to do.

There are actually plenty of advantages to filing quarterly.

For starters, if you’re sending out more than your actual tax liability, then when you file your deductions at the end of the year, you’ll get a bigger overall deduction or even an income tax return.


4. Have a Separate Bank Account Where You Store Your Estimated Tax Liability

The easiest way to make sure you’re always in a position to pay your taxes without batting an eye is to immediately take out roughly 20% of revenue and put it aside in a tax account.

At the end of every fiscal quarter, send the funds in that account to the IRS. Designating a proportionate saving to your upcoming tax bill will keep you from having to dip into available capital at the last minute.


Filing Taxes Becomes Simple with a Bit of Experience

Filing taxes is a lot like anything else in life – the first time is always the most challenging. Once you get past that initial unfamiliarity, you’ll find that filing taxes becomes a very simple process.

Are you filing your own taxes?

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