Should You Choose A Political Management Degree Over A Law Course?

If you’re exploring your career options, or you’re thinking of changing direction, you may be in the process of deciding which degree program to pursue. There are similarities between political management and law, and both are reputable well-respected courses, but it may be advantageous to plump for political management over the law.

The infographic below explains why.

Political management can be studied online, which is likely to attract students who would prefer to work and study at the same time. An online course affords flexibility and the chance to continue earning an income. It’s also possible to study at a time that suits you. The duration of the course is also shorter. If you go to law school, it will take at least 3 years to emerge with a degree.

One of the most attractive traits of the political management program is the ability to access a broad spectrum of sectors and industries after qualifying. You can still work at a law firm without a Juris Doctor degree, but you could also pursue a career in business or politics, for example.

If you aren’t certain that you want to be a lawyer, or you have a deep-seated interest in politics, political management could be an ideal choice for you. This program opens new doors at the same time as ensuring pursuing a career based on existing interests remains viable.

Political management provides specific training and theory-based learning that isn’t covered in a law program. If you have designs on a career in politics, this program will teach you about everything from lobbying and political communication techniques to forming government relations.

Infographic Designed By George Washington University

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