Do Certain Types of Surgery Make Fiscal Sense?


There are a few different ways to look at surgery. Many times, surgery is going to be about health. Other times, surgery is going to be about appearance or comfort. But an important facet of getting an operation will always be if it makes fiscal sense. And there are several different perspectives that you can approach financial responsibility from as well.

Take a few examples of common surgeries, and think about where the money is coming from and going to, and what sort of costs and benefits are involved in the short-term and long-term.

What are the fiscal circumstances regarding a tummy tuck? If you are choosing breast enhancement or reduction, are you potentially doing it for income reasons?

And then there is always cosmetic facial surgery. If there are economic reasons to alter your appearance, that’s definitely a big part of your pro and con list.


Tummy Tucks

If you decide to get a tummy tuck, there are lots of fiscal considerations in play — for example, the initial cost of the surgery.

Tummy tucks can be very expensive, depending on the context. Second, there is the financial conversation regarding maintenance. After you get the surgery done, there will be a healing period. Do you have enough money to purchase all the resources to heal in a healthy and effective manner?


Breast Enhancement or Reduction

Many times when women choose breast enhancement or reduction, it is for reasons of self-confidence.

However, and other circumstances, women may decide that they will make more money if they have large breasts. This can be an entirely practical set of reasoning.

Even if it sounds funny at the outset, thinking about larger or smaller breasts as a way to adjust income upward is really not that crazy of an idea.


Facial Surgery

Then there is the matter of cosmetic facial surgery. If the only thing that is being affected when you get a nose job or a chin lift, then the fiscal sense is probably not at the center of your reasoning. If you don’t have a job that requires you to look good, but you’re simply trying to rally against the aging process, and you’re probably not making a good financial decision.

If you’re not thinking about finances, then you can alter your appearance however you want at whatever cost and no one will care. But, if you’re keeping money in mind, you should see a direct correlation between the surgery you get and the money that you keep, earn, or save.

Sometimes it’s easy to decide to have surgery. Other times it is much more difficult because you have a budget involved. If you have to do something crazy like go into debt to get an unnecessary surgery, then you’re probably not thinking rationally.

Are thinking about doing one of these types of surgreys?

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