3 Ways To Avoid Getting Sick And Missing Work


While one of the personal benefits of your job might be that you’re able to work closely with people you care for and enjoy spending time with, these close quarters can also put you at risk for picking up germs or illnesses that your coworkers might be experiencing.

When you catch something from a coworker, it can not only affect your ability to do your job but can also get other members of your family sick and put a big financial burden on your household.

Luckily, with some preventative care, you can reduce the chances of you getting sick from a coworker, missing work, and winding up with expensive medical bills. To show you how this can be done, here are three ways to avoid getting sick from your coworkers and missing out on your full paycheck.


#1 Be Stringent With The Basics

Almost everyone knows what you can do hygienically to help keep yourself safe from germs. So when you’re worried about someone in your office is sick, it’s vital that you go right back to the basics of cleanliness.

According to Mary Elizabeth Dallas, a contributor to Everyday Health, some of the simplest and most important ways you can protect yourself from the germs of others include washing your hands, not touching your face, not sharing anything with anyone else, and sanitizing items that everyone has to use. By doing these things, you can help to keep the germs at bay and keep yourself healthy.


#2 Keep Yourself Hydrated

Not only do you need to be actively fighting to keep harmful germs or substances away from your body, but you also need to be actively trying to keep yourself healthy through your own actions.

As a part of this, Lindsay Cohn, a contributor to Reader’s Digest, shares that you should be focusing primarily on keeping yourself hydrated. When you drink a lot of water, especially in the morning, your body flushes out a lot of the toxins and waste that’s been building up in your system. And by keeping the water flowing all day long, you’ll be sure that everything is getting filtered out so that it can stay in your body and make you feel sick.


#3 Steer Clear Of Those Who May Be Sick

Even after keeping the area around you as germ-free as possible and giving your body a boost to its immune system, it’s still wise to simply stay away from anyone that might be feeling less than their best.

The CDC shares that most illnesses are spread by being in close contact with others, whether it’s touching something they’ve touched or breathed in something they’ve breathed out. So if you can just steer clear of anyone who might be compromised, you can keep their germs far away from you.

If getting as many hours at work is important to you financially, then use the tips mentioned above to help keep yourself healthy enough to stay on the job.

What are you doing to avoid getting sick and missing work?

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