4 Things To Consider If You Have Drivers On The Road

You may have a fleet of employees out on the road for various reasons: driving for business trips, delivering goods, visiting customers, etc.

Whatever the reason, it is vital that both you and y


our employee are working together to keep them safe and legal on the road.

Here, we look at some of the things you need to think about when you have employees out and about on the road.


#1 Alcohol consumption

While your employees are well within their rights to enjoy an alcoholic drink or two in their own time, it is vital for them to remember that alcohol can still be in the system the day after drinking, which can then impair their reactions on the road.

To avoid this becoming an issue, you should be carrying out random breath tests on your drivers frequently to see if they are over the drink-drive limit. If the results show that they are over the prescribed limit,  it is up to you to make sure that they do not drive anywhere that day.

If you don’t, you may both end up in trouble if they are involved in an accident or pulled over by the police for a breath test.


#2 Risk assessments

Whatever sort of vehicle they drive, whether it is a car entirely owned by your company or semi truck leasing,  your driver should be checking their vehicle before any journey.

However, it is your responsibility to arrange professional inspections of the vehicle and have any issues sorted out before it is driven again.

Weather conditions at certain times of the year can also have an impact on the safety and efficiency of your vehicles, so make sure that you’re taking the right steps to weather-proof your vehicles, such as putting on the correct tires, and keep everyone safe from harm.


#3 Traffic Conditions

One of the main reasons for accidents, particularly on freeways, is congestion and impatient drivers. By installing a GPS system for your driver means they will be aware of any adverse traffic conditions and may be able to avoid it by taking a different route.

Road congestion can also add a lot of time to journeys, and if the driver is making a lot of deliveries, it is crucial that they are not spending time in traffic jams. A good-quality GPS should eliminate these worries for you.


#4 The health of the driver

The most important thing to remember is that the health of your driver should take priority above everything else. If they have a cold, it is perfectly fine in most situations for them to be on the road, but both you and they need to take responsibility and not let them go out on the road if they are not in good enough health.

This protects both them and other road users from being involved in an accident that could have easily been avoided.

By following these steps, you should have happy, healthy, but most importantly, safe drivers out on the road, representing your business.

What things concern you about having drivers on the road?

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