How To Create Value through Branding and Personalized Approach In the Creative Industry

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If you are in one of the creative industries, it is important that you are able to showcase your talent and engage with your potential and existing clients. It can be challenging to stand out from the competition, especially if you are just starting off, and you have a limited advertising budget.

Most people will be starting off with marketing online, and it is hard to eliminate the white noise and get your message across.

If you want to make the most out of your branding, below you will find a few tips on how to implement personalized messages for better engagement with your clients and prospects.


Customer Service

One of the things you will have to consider before you set up your creative agency is that you should always take care of every customer as if they were your biggest ones. Getting your first clients and reviews will be the hardest, so you have to show appreciation for their business and overdeliver on your promises.

This means that you have to communicate with your customers and your contacts, find out about their needs and tailor your service to their expectations.


Custom Approach

You can always deliver more value and charge more for your creative work if you have a custom approach. For example, people can get a logo completed cheap on one of the freelance sites, but they will look like dozens of others, as they are done using simple graphics software.

That is why you will need to create a custom approach that takes into consideration the profile and preferences of your individual clients. This will help you communicate and showcase your value better.


Value Alignment

You will also need to align your values with your potential clients’. Do your market research and find out what makes your audience take action or engage with your content or branding.

When it comes to the creative industry, you will have to ensure that your branding and marketing work hand in hand and you are able to attract the right clients, based on their budget, expectations, and values.


Social Media Branding

If you are a creative professional, you will need to showcase what you have to offer to your clients. The cheapest way to do this is by using social media. You will have to create a strategy that doesn’t only focus on traffic and likes, but also engagement.

It might be a good idea to have a chat with a full-service social media management agency to find out how you can strengthen your creative brand online and build a reputation through consistency and providing value.


Customer Friendly Website

Of course, when people decide whether or not they can trust you, they will look at your website, If it is poorly designed, and it is hard to find anything on the page, chances are that you will need to invest in web design and communicate your professionalism through the content and the layout.

You will have to provide the answer to the first question your visitors might have when they land on your page; what is in it for me. If you fail to engage with them in the first few seconds, they will simply turn back and never return.


Privacy Protection

One of the elements of your website you might have neglected before is your security and privacy features. If you are offering online payments, or are using cookies, you will have to get advanced security and encryption.

At the same time, in case you work with clients from the European Union, you should familiarize yourself with the latest GDPR data protection regulations and choose digital marketing packages that are following the rules. Ask your agency whether or not their marketing packages are GDPR compliant, and make a decision based on the protection you can provide to your prospects and clients.


Offering Free Consultation

It might be a good idea to engage with your prospects before you ask for the money. You will need to accept the fact that not many people who land on your site will buy from you. They want to find out more about you and what you do, and potentially meet you in person or ask you to jump on the phone or one of the video conferencing platforms.

A free consultation will help you create a special personal relationship and will allow you to get to know your prospects’ needs, too.


Dedicated Account Managers

If you are running a larger creative agency, you will need to ensure that all your clients have one point of contact. Appointing dedicated account managers who will be able to follow up with your clients, record all the conversations, and provide updates.

The worst thing that your clients can experience is being passed on from one agent to the other, and having to call back multiple times. Train your staff on customer service and account management so they can take responsibility for whatever your clients turn to you with.


Account Reviews

If there is one secret to business success, it might be offering account reviews and tailoring the future relationship to the needs of your clients. After all, no business exists in an empty space, and this means that you will need to make the most out of your market knowledge and the experience of your customers.

Chances are that when you first started working with the company, they were changing or growing, which means that their priorities have changed and shifted.


Case Studies for Branding

If you would like to raise your profile as a creative business, you will need to create case studies that will allow you to show how you work, what type of results you achieve, and what your prospects can expect from working with you.

Case studies are great for gaining potential clients’ trust and looking professional. Once you have worked with a set of different businesses from various industries, you will need to monetize on your experience and tell the world about your success. White papers are great for larger contracts, but case studies are more engaging and answer the most important questions your prospects might have better.


Portfolio Pages

If you are a creative professional, you will need to create an advanced portfolio that will help you showcase your talent in the best light. You can use external agencies to host your projects on, and increase your reach, or simply send people to your pages once they have shown interest in what you have to offer.

You can also design an interactive and searchable portfolio so your potential clients can see what you are capable of, without reviewing irrelevant content.



It is hard to keep your customers happy without communication. If you have appointed account managers, you will need to create a follow-up system. Having a CRM software will make it easier for you to manage appointments and check what your employees are doing. You can make the process of following up much more productive if you get a predictive dialer installed on your phones so they can complete more calls per hour. Design a script for every occasion, and ask them to update the customer profile based on the follow-up calls.

Marketing and branding a creative business is challenging. First of all, there is a lot of competition out there, so you have to find a way to stand out. Second, you will have to showcase your talent without compromising your existing customers’ privacy. The above tips will help you implement a personalized approach to customer acquisition and service.

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